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Battioni Pagani Slurry Vacuum Pump Standard MEC11000M


OEM: MEC11000M

Condition: New

Battioni Pagani Slurry Vacuum Pump Standard MEC11000M


£2,285.74 £1,904.78 Ex. VAT

The MEC II-series pumps have an automatic protection system. So, for example, if a vane breaks, the rotor and rotor housing can be protected by the rotor—including the flange mountings—being pushed downwards
Pumps with a "ballast system", identified by B at the end of the item number (e.g. MEC9000MB) have a longer operating time in vacuum operation
The operating time at -0.95 bar lasts from 8 minutes (standard) up to a maximum of 15 minutes. Continuous operation is permissible at -0.6 bar.
MEC II-series pumps are supplied with long-life (heat-resistant) vanes as standard
MEC II-series pumps feature a temperature meter to enable the temperature to be read during operation
A maintenance hatch can be used to determine the wear condition of the vanes, indicating when the vanes need to be replaced
Each pump is subjected to a final check in the factory, in which the vacuum, compression and lubrication are tested, among other factors
A test report relating to the serial number is drawn up for each pump
Application range
These vacuum pumps with vanes are mainly used in agriculture for filling and emptying slurry tanks
These pumps can generate both positive pressure and vacuum
Technical info
Composition of the item numbers: MEC = series, 9000 = type, M = indirect drive 540 rpm, A = automatic lubrication, B = ballast system
On pumps without automatic lubrication (no "A" in the item number), the pump is equipped with a forced lubrication system that is adjusted using dripper nozzles
On pumps without automatic lubrication, the quantity of lubrication oil is set in the factory and cannot be changed without a tool
In the case of forced lubrication, as with automatic lubrication, the function must be checked at all times during operation
Pumps with indirect drive (M) must be driven anti-clockwise
The direction of rotation is determined when the axle to be driven is aligned with the observer
If the pump has a direct drive (for example, by a tractor unit) it must be driven anti-clockwise
Oil to be used for lubricating the vanes: genuine oil from B. P. (item number BP5070)
Minimum repair costs thanks to the unique automatic protection system
As pumps from B.P. are tested, inspected and packaged with the utmost care, trouble-free start-up is 100% guaranteed
Nominal volume flow rate
11137 l/min
Drive type
PTO 540 rpm
Direction of rotation
Counter-clockwise (CCW)
Ballast air injection system
Consists of
Including PTO shaft cover
Without pressure relief valve (item 0200013) and vacuum valve (item 0155513)
The pumps are delivered without lubrication oil (item BP5070)
Lubrication system type
Vane type
Long life
Crash protection system
Max vacuum
0.95 BAR
Max. relative pressure
1.5 BAR
Power requirement for max. pressure
40 kW
Power requirement for max. vacuum
21 kW
D,PDiameter of hose connection
80 mm
Safety valve connection diameter
2 Inch
Depression valve connection diameter
1-1/2 Inch
ETotal length
740 mm
OTotal width
390 mm
605 mm
FMounting holes diameter
22 mm
B,LMounting holes distance
247 mm
246 mm
AMounting holes to shaft end distance
346 mm
CMounting holes to end distance
147 mm
MShaft centre to left side end distance
195 mm
NShaft centre to right side end distance
195 mm
IShaft centre to bottom distance
69 mm
Shaft diameter
1-3/8 Inch
Max. shaft rotation
540 r/min
Reservoir capacity
3 l
160 kg

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