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Other Cultivation Equipment

Other Cultivation Equipment

Here at Agri-Linc we stock a range of cultivation equipment to suit your needs. Amongst our Used Machinery stock you’ll find a range of grass harrows and chain harrows for sale, as well as spring tine cultivators and power harrows for sale.

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  • sold

    KUHN LELY 4 metre Combination


    Product ID: MUDM106082

  • LELY 400-45 Power Harrow, 4 metre, 500mm Packer


    Product ID: MUDM105626

  • LEMKEN 4 metre Open Crumbler


    Product ID: MU104446

  • Proforge Activator 12 metre Weeder/harrow, New,


    Product ID: MN100154

  • Proforge Activator 3 metre Weeder/harrow, New,


    Product ID: MN100144

  • Proforge Activator 6 metre Weeder/harrow, New,


    Product ID: MN100145

  • PROFORGE PACTILLA 6 metre Trailed Intensive Seedbed Cultivator, New,


    Product ID: MN100240

  • special offer

    RABEWERK VKE 6 metre Heavy duty Power harrow,

    Regular Price: £8,450.00

    Special Price £6,950.00

    Product ID: MUDM105137

  • TASKERS CHISEL PLOUGH 3 metre, 11 leg


    Product ID: MU105860

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