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Bale Spikes, Tines & Sleeves

Bale Spikes, Tines & Sleeves

Agri-Linc are renowned as trusted suppliers of bale handling wearing parts, with bale spikes, bale tines, bale spears and bale bushes and sleeves for sale, with availability from stock for Next Day UK Delivery. Among the different bale spears and tines offered in the Agri-Linc range are cranked bale tines, spoon-end tines, silage tines and straight tines. We also offer bale spike nuts, sleeves and bushes to compliment our entire range of hay spikes and spears.

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  • Bale Grab Tine - Heavy Duty

    Product ID: PA300090

  • Bale Grab Tine - Medium Duty

    Product ID: PA300089

  • BUSH sleeve slotted

    Starting at: £5.92

    Product ID: BUSH2

  • BUSH sleeve straight

    Starting at: £5.92

    Product ID: BUSH1

  • Genuine Simba Proactive Spring Spacer Bush OEM: P12525


    Product ID: PA301990

  • MF 2190 Baler Pick-up tine (OEM no. 700728401)


    Product ID: AV-HM600000

  • MF Baler Pick-up Tine


    Product ID: AV-HM600100

  • Proforge Silage Tine Cranked H-Type

    Product ID: PA302059

  • Proforge Silage Tine Curved

    Product ID: PA302060

  • SHW Bale Spike - cranked tine

    Starting at: £26.72

    Product ID: SPIKE4

  • SHW Bale Spike - curved tine

    Starting at: £24.00

    Product ID: SPIKE2

  • SHW Bale Spike - Spoon End

    Starting at: £51.28

    Product ID: SPIKE3

  • SHW Bale Spike - straight tine

    Starting at: £20.75

    Product ID: SPIKE1

  • SHW Bale Spike Nuts

    Starting at: £1.00


  • Straight Bale Spike Tine to suit MN101589

    Product ID: PA302195

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