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Portek have the widest range of bird scaring products available in the UK. From simple tried and tested banger ropes and rockets to sophisticated gas guns and everything in between. Their bird scaring knowledge, built up over many years working with farmers, has culminated in a superb product range which has proved to be extremely effective in saving valuable crops from bird attack. Our Agri-Linc team appreciate that, while many customers are ready to order, you may require more information about a specific product, or are not sure that we stock exactly what you need. Either way, there's a simple solution.

Please give us a call on 01778 591 225 and our experienced team will be happy to offer advice and always aim to find the solution you need.

Click to view helpful videos here http://www.youtube.com/user/PortekMedia/videos

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  • Portek Gas Hose OEM: 031/55


    Product ID: PA302224

  • Portek Gas Regulator OEM:031/54


    Product ID: PA302223

  • Portek Hanging Crow Visual Bird Scarer


    Product ID: PA302389

  • Portek MK4 Solenoid & Filter


    Product ID: PA302953

  • Portek Preset Remote Control for Scatterbird MK4


    Product ID: PA302458

  • Portek Scatterbird MK3 Battery Charger OEM:035


    Product ID: PA302211

  • Portek Short Battery lead


    Product ID: PA302220

  • Portek Skybird Bird Scaring Rocket Box of 10


    Product ID: PA302212

  • Portek Solenoid & Filter OEM: 031/08


    Product ID: PA302222

  • Portek Spark Generator OEM: 031/10


    Product ID: PA302199

  • Portek Spark Plug OEM: 032/06


    Product ID: PA302200

  • Portek Terror Hawk Replacement Pole Only


    Product ID: PA302957

  • Portek Terror Hawk Replacement Support Stake Only


    Product ID: PA302958

  • Portek Terror Kite Spare Hawk only


    Product ID: PA302218

  • Portek Terror Kite Spare only


    Product ID: PA302217

  • Portek Two Piece Gas Jet (7/8" BSF) OEM: 032/18


    Product ID: PA302221

  • Sound Bird Scarer


    Product ID: PA302392

  • Wind Driven Bird Scarer


    Product ID: PA302393

  • Wind Powered Bird Scarer


    Product ID: PA302391

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