b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 9LEMKEN KARAT 9-300 Stubble Cultivator,2015, 11 tine, Levellingdiscs, Rear V ring Packer,Disc Harrows/ Min Tilllittle used, superbcondition.KVERNELAND CTSLEMKEN HELIODOR 4.5m Stubble Finisher with Horstine Twin Air 8 ShortDisc 4 metre Rigid with HydApplicator, Auto-Reset Stubble cultivator Front Levelling board, 2012, Doubletines, Hyd reset subsoilers, Rear DD style Press. rear Crumblers, Price c/w all new discs.MUDM106417.8,450 MU1066177,950 MUDM1064656,350POTTINGER Synkro 6003K 6m trailedstubble cultivator, year2007 c/w 3 row AutoReset legs, soil to soilpacker, good.OPICO MULTIDISC XLOPICO VARIDISC3.5 metre Mounted Heavy 4 row DiscHarrow, Hyd rear crumbler, needs new 3.5m c/w Varitilth 8 leg tinebar, reardiscs and 13 bearing hubs, Price as is. crumbler roller.MUDM106788.1,650 MUDMVARID3.54,950 MUDM106666.8,950PROFORGEINVERTA 6 metre 2015, Disc BondPacker, 80% discs,excellent used exampleof our best selling ShortDisc. QUIVOGNE APX-TL QUIVOGNE APX-RS 3.6 metre X Pattern Disc Harrow,3.6m Hyd folding disc harrows, X pattern, cutaway front, plain rear, rear drawbar,rear drawbar, good blades, very clean. lateral folding, very good.MUDM10664917,950 MUDM105150.5,650 MU1060814,950QUIVOGNE TINEMASTERSIMBA 23CSIMBASIMBA DTX 3004.4m, 2008, Disc Tine Disc Harrow with Heavy Oset Disc Harrows, 4.4m, Excellent 6m Trailed Maxi-Mix Stubble Cultivator, 2Integral Packer, 7 x Hydraulic Reset Legs, Blades (80%) all round, depth stops, rear rows of Heavy Duty C Tines, 1 row of 25" 3 metre, ProLift Legs, 2 rows ofgood blades, Rear Razor Ring Packer. drawbar, very smart example. discs, 2 rows of Pigtails, good example. ProActive Discs, DD Ring Rear Packer.MUDM106251.9,950 MUDM106826.8,450 MU1062796,250 MUDM106715.9,850SIMBA MK2B 5.5m Hyd Fold, Hyd WingLock, Heavy Oset DiscHarrows, Hyd gangangling, rear drawbar &pipes, good cutawayblades all round, a rarelate example of Simba\'s SIMBA MK3BSIMBA SOLO 380STbest selling 2B discs.4.8m (16ft) Heavy Oset Disc Harrows, 29" 3.8m Trailed Disc Tine Disc Press Cultivator, 9Front discs, 26" rear discs, rear drawbar & pipes, x ST Tines, Good Front Discs and nearly Newdepth stops, very tidy set, 12" spacing on the DD Rings, Weld Repairs to the Drawbar anddiscs, extremely heavy duty disc harrows. Chassis (and some needed) Price as is.MUDM10652410,850 MU1062927,350 MUDM106716.5,950WATCH & SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!WATCH NOW!Tel: 01778 591 225www.agri-linc.com Email: [email protected] prices exclude VAT 9'