b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 8Crop Sprayers CropSprayersBERTHOUDBERTHOUD MAJORBERTHOUD RACER Elyte 1200 24m 1200 litre mounted 32 Trailed 24m Sprayer 3200 litre, Auto Ratesprayer year 2012, c/w rear fold booms, Governor, 12.4 x 46 Tyres 90%, quad nozzles, 32 Trailed Sprayer, 3200 litre, 24m, DPEMin Till Disc Harrows/ auto-cut out, quad nozzles, very tidy. current NSTS Test, steering drawbar, ActiFlex controls, non-steering drawbar, tidy example.suspension, very clean.MUDM106824.11,450 MUDM106480.9,850 MUDM106822.5,950HARDI COMMANDERHARDIKNIGHTKNIGHT 4200 litre 24m Trailed Sprayer, 2004, 20/21m Trailed sprayer, 2500 litre, Laser Agitation,Current NSTS Test, High Specification Commander Plus 32 metre trailed 20 metre Mounted Sprayer, 1000 litre, Delta 34i Controls, comes with current test tillsprayer, very clean example. sprayer, year 2003, 4200 litre. not used for a while, sold as seen. Aug 21, variable rate, auto-calibration, very tidy.MU1064829,850 MUDM106662.8,350 MUDM106668.2,650 MUDM106707.6,950KNIGHTKNIGHT EUKNIGHT EU CLEANACRES AIRTECKNIGHT EU 24 metre 3000 litre Trailed sprayer, laser 24m 3000 litre, Trailed Sprayer, 2006, Variable Trailed 24m Sprayer Delta Auto Rate Governer,24 metre Trailed Sprayer, 3000 litre, Hyd agitation, linkage tracker, manual rate Rate Controls, 13.6 R 38 Wheels, Axle 3000 litre, Tracking Drawbar, 2 sets of wheels, 12.4drawbar, Variable Rate. control, New NSTS Test, very good. suspension, brakes, laser agitation, linkage x 46 Rowcrops and 540/65 x 28, New NSTS Test.tracking drawbar, very good.MU1060866,450 MU1058109,450 MUDM10591112,450 MUDM106453.10,950Disc HarrowsKNIGHT EUDOWDESWELL Trailed 24 metre Sprayer, 3000 litre, ROWCROP/Min Till 77 Series 4.5 metre Hyd Folding OsetDelta Controls, Tracking Drawbar, px Wheels o Knight Sprayer, 12.4 R 46 Disc Harrows, good disc blades, veryagainst a 36 metre. Taurus 40%. original and tidy set of discs.MU10600210,950 MU105093.685 MUDM106719.4,950AMAZONE CATROSGREGOIRE BESSON7.5m Short Disc Cultivator, DISCORDON Rubber HD Packer, 2 rows of 4.7 metre, 2007, DXRVnew 510mm cutaway discs HD, Disc Tine Discand 10 new rear 400/50- Cultivator, 700mm Rear15.5 Amazone tyres. EmoPak Press, 9 tine,very good example.MUDM10507517,950 MU10587912,450GREGOIRE BESSONGREGOIRE BESSON XRV-HDKONGSKILDE DELTAKONGSKILDE TERRADISC Discordon DXRV2 6.2m trailed primary Folding Front Disc Harrow 4.5m, 2009, Beauty!cultivator c/w 13 Auto reset legs on hydraulic 6.2m Disc Harrow With Integral Press, 2007, 4 metre Hyd-Fold Stubble Cultivator, Hyd folding, front depth wheels, Originallift, Emopak rear packer, Auto-greaser, year Auto-Greaser, Rear EmoPak Press, Very Good. Guttler Roller, 9 Leg, levelling discs. condition, very little used with 80% discs still.2004, Location: Kings Lynn.MUDMGBDC6.2.11,450 MUDM106597.9,850 MU1066295,950 MU1068557,3508 Website updated weekly - View our full inventory online today www.agri-linc.com All prices exclude VAT'