b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 6New Machinery FocusARE YOU READY FOR HAY SEASON?ACROBAT Hay and Straw Rake / Straw TurnerLarge Range ofTalex Rakes,Helpful sta on the phone. What\'s not to like? -Anonymous Does what it says on the tin. Whatever I order turns up the next day.4&5 WheelMowers &Bestseller Wuers In Stock!Acrobats in Stock Prices start4 wheel hay and straw rake/ at 795straw turner, suit small (35HP plus) tractor 5 wheel hay and straw rake/straw turner, suit small (45HP plus) tractor No PTO requiredPROFORGE Activator PROFORGE MaxtillaModern Grass /Heavy Duty Springtine cultivator for Weeder Harrow Primary and Secondary work. Choice of widths. Strong 45 x 12mm tines with helpers. Available in 4m,5 rows of 8mm Quick-change tines. 540mm large clearance rear crumbler. 5m & 6m Widths,Depth wheels. 12mm following harrow. Prices start at Pin adjust depth control. 7450Code Size HP Weight Direct MN100144 3m Rigid Mounted 40 280kg 2295.00MN100145 6m Folding Mounted 50-70 600kg4350.00MN100154 12m Gull Wing Folding Mounted 110-120 1740kg8750.00Herculano TrailersPROFORGE InvertaDrop Side Tipping Trailer Single axle, single wheels. Three way tipping metal body. Corrugated sides for increased strength. Drawbar jack. Front protection frame. Extension post cavity. Top or bottom opening rear door onmodel (MN101329 5 Tonne) Hydraulic brake. Safety, lighting and signalling devices 400 Supplied according to law. Short-Disc, Speed-Disc Harrow Cultivator since 2015, from Versatile Headstock, all sizes can be1.5 metre - 6 metre Code Size (LxWxH) Carry Tyre Spec. Tare Directmounted or trailed sizes, see our Weight WeightCapacity 22" Cutaway OFAS Italian Discs website for MN101326 2.7 x 1.55 x 0.5m 3.0 T 10.0 / 75-15.3 (14) 740 3400.00 SKF maintenance-free bearings prices!MN101329 3.5 x 2.0 x 0.5m 5.0 T 12.5 / 80-15.3 (14) 1100 4800.00 Packer options6 Website updated weekly - View our full inventory online today www.agri-linc.com All prices exclude VAT'