b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:31Page 3Seasonal EquipmentCROP PROTECTIONEQUIPMENT IN STOCK!SEE PAGES 175A176 OF THE MAIN BROCHUREPortek Gas Powered ScatterbirdMK4 Gas Bird Scarer BALE SPIKE TINES FOR SEASON -Karen Gibbs Proforge & SHW Tines available from Stock!Good product &easy to setup Buying online was easy, customer services was above standards and amazing. All round great experience. Sturdy gas-powered bird scarer Unique pin identification prevents theft To suitProgramming to suit environments with app common baleControl multiple Scatterbirds with one app grab attachmentsAll parts listed below fit MK3 & MK4 birdscarers and PROFORGE Product includes steel leg kit Attachments! Code Size DirectSTRATEGICALLY STRONGPA302234 Portex Gas powered Scatterbird Mk4 399.00AGRIFENCE ELECTRIC FENCING RANGEBuy online or see theselection in stock at ourThaxted Depot!Scan to Browse OnlineBRACKETS -Chosen by Leading Agricultural EngineersEURO FRAME JCB Q-FIT PROFILE HEAVYMANITOU TELESCOPICMATBRO/JOHN DEERE One piece frame to save time.DUTYBRACKETS (PAIR) FRAME PIN & CONE BRACKETS Profiled quality hook and eyes.HEAVY DUTY Complete with stops.A firm favourite forTo suit No 8/Quickie/JD/MF & Stoll. quality attachments. A leading popular bracket.Size A = 32 0mm B 27mmProfiled 30mm thick 12mm thick plate for stability with Weld-On, 1 piece. heavy duty brackets.drilled profiles. Welded heavy duty One piece frame Size A = 370mm stop and 30mm drilledto save time.B 35mm and countersunk eye.C 80mm To suit 520/525/Solid Bar ends for 526/530/540increased productivity. Less WeldSize A = 630mm B 37mmSize A =350mm B 36mm MoreWeld-on.Weld-on, 1 Piece. MetalCode Size DirectCode Size DirectCode Size DirectCode Size Direct PA0021A Single 62.50 PA0012 Pair 129.50 PA0015A Single 98.00 PA0016 Pair 98.50To see our full range, visit out website or turn to pages 41-43 in our catalogueTel: 01778 591 225www.agri-linc.com Email: [email protected] prices exclude VAT 3'