b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 22Tr a i l e d Pre s s e s SIMBA UNIPRESSVADERSTAD REXIUS7.6 metre Single Row TWIN 1030 Press with Levelling Heavy Press with RaptorBoards and leading tines, Tines, 80% rings.700mm DD Rings, good.Tr a i l e r sMUDM1067548,450 MU10624219,950VADERSTAD VADERSTADREXIUS TWIN 550 REXIUS TWIN 6305.5 metre, 80% rings, New Rings, raptor tines,Raptor tines, very good new Bison Ductile Ringsexample. and other wearing partsas needed fitted by us.MUDM10598315,950 MU10481027,850View more www.agri-linc.com VADERSTADWe have been REXIUS TWIN 630trading in Heavy Press, 2007,Raptor Tines, 50% rings,agricultureexcellent frame.since 1924 stock online MUDM10625914,950VADERSTADREXIUS TWIN 8308.3m, Raptor Tines, worn Trailersrings, price as is, (or withall new Bison DuctileRings and other wearingparts as needed fitted byus 30450, illustrativepictures shown). BAILEY 14 tonne Rootcrop Trailer, Hyd door, Rolloversheet, sprung drawbar, super singles.MU10474816,950 MU1067347,650BAILEY 15 Tonne Root/GrainTrailer, 2005, Air & OilBrakes, 560 Tyres, hyddoor with grain chute,sprung drawbar, rolloversheet kit (loose),commercial axles.BAILEYKEN WOOTTON 14 tonne Rootcrop Trailer, Hyd door, Rollover 8 tonne Agri - Dump Trailer, twin axle,sheet, sprung drawbar, super singles. good straight example for the age.MU1067337,950 MUDM1067289,950 MU1067983,950Watch us on & product videos SeeAS FENLANDER 14 tonne Trailer with HydRear Door, RolloverSheet, grain chute Duemachineryin RICHARD WESTERN 16 tonne Grain Trailer, 10 stud SprungCommercial Axles with Super Singles, GrainYoutube! MUDM106840POA Chute, Rollover Sheet, older but tidy example.MUDM106791.7,65022 Website updated weekly - View our full inventory online today www.agri-linc.com All prices exclude VAT'