b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 21s r e l i o s b u SSPALDING 90/150TWBTWB SPALDING 90/1503.5m Subsoiler, 2013, 5 leg, Working tines,Flatlift Subsoiler, 3 leg with Front Discs, Tooth Packer Roller, Swivel legs with Metcalfe Legs, 3.5 metre Subsoiler, 5 leg, WorkingFlatlift Subsoiler, 3 leg, Tooth Packer. Packer, O small farm, superb condition. 6 rigid tines behind swivel legs, very smart. tines, Packer Roller, swivel leg.MUDM106674.3,450 MU1065845,250 MUDM106418.6,450 MUDM106659.3,950Trailed s e s s Pre d e l i a TrPressesCOUSINSEDLINGTONFARMFORCE 4.5 metre Double Press, 600mm x 4m Trailed Heavy Press, 700mm 3.2 metre Trailed Press, double row,45deg rings, Hyd End tow kit, very tidy. Shouldered Ring, leading tines, excellent. leading tines, wheels over back, good.MU1065282,950 MU1065903,650 MU1067402,950KNIGHT TRIPLE PRESSKNIGHT TRIPLE PRESSSIMBA 4.0 metre, Front Roller, Heavy duty 4.6 metre, Hyd Levelling board, leading SIMBA tines, hyd levelling boards, 2 Rows of tines, 2 rows of Revolver Shouldered 4.6 metre CultiPress, DD Rings, leadingRevolver Rings, excellent. rings, excellent example. tines, hyd levelling boards. 4.6 metre Single Press DD Press.MU1067268,950 MU1064148,450 MU1067738,450 MUDM106347.3,950DD Ring GangRefurbishment ServiceSIMBASIMBA CULTIPRESSFor Simba/Great Plains Machines, 5.5m Double Press 80% Cast ring, very tidy 4.6 metre DD Rings, leading tines, hyd Uni-Press, Culti-Press, Double and example, sold as seen or All new 24" Cast leveliing board, Good Rings, excellent Single Press, X-Press, Solo, Rings and Bearings fitted for an extra 5250. frame and paint, very good example. Flat-Liner and any other Press MU1056544,450 MUDM106611.11,950 Gangs fitted with DD Rings .Full refurbishment includes replacing the following parts:New 600mm/700mm ring halvesNew bearing spoolsNew nut spools, nuts & split pinsNew bearings and grease tubesSIMBA CULTIPRESSSIMBA CULTIPRESSNew bearing fixingsShafts are re-used (unless damaged) and they are additional cost4.6m DD rings, leading tines, hyd levelling 5.5m, DD Rings, leading tines, hyd levellers, if needed.boards, trade-in - sold as seen price. Recently replaced DD rings (90%) 2005. In preparation, the DD Gangs have to be unbolted from the machineMU1060038,950 MU10645512,850 frame by yourselves - we cannot take in whole machines, just the RingGangs - and either delivered to Agri-Linc Thaxted depot CM6 2QE, orcollected by us (Carriage extra).All work is undertaken by experienced Agricultural Engineers, and partsfitted are quality components as sold day to day through our Partsdepartment.Please phone: 01371 830358 SIMBA GREAT PLAINSSIMBA UNIPRESSor email: [email protected] 4.6 metre Unipress, 2012, ProActive 5.5 Metre, ProActive Tines, 2010, for pricing/booking intines, Hyd levelling boards, 700mm DD 700mm DD Rings, Hyd Levelling Board,Rings, Brakes, very good. very good condition. Please note we do not oer a conversion from Cast Ring to DD Rings currentlyMUDM106727.13,250 MU10664612,350Tel: 01778 591 225www.agri-linc.com Email: [email protected]ll prices exclude VAT 21'