b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 20R o l l s NRH 12.2 metre Folding Rolls,2011, 24"/breakers withHorstine AvadexApplicator, Horstine TwinAir applicator, heavy rolls.DALBOCOUSINS CONTOUR 8.3 metre Compact Rolls, HorizontalS u b s o i l e r s folding, 20" Rings/breakers. 12 metre 5 section. 24" ringsMUDM106248.4,950 MU1067998,950 MUDM10676714,950Need We have beenreplacement trading inParts? agriculture NRHSIMBAContact us or visit since 1924 8.2m Heavy Rolls with Levelling boards, 8.2 metre Rolls Horizontal Folding, 22" our website!2012, 24" rings/breakers, stone trays, good. Rings, heavy set.MUDM106730.11,950 MUDM106487.4,950TWOSE PREMIUM 12.4 metre Rolls, 2014, Subsoilers22"/breakers, 5 section,excellent example, 85%rings.BOMFORD LOW DRAFT SuperFlow Cultivator 3.6 metre(12ft) 15tine, depth wheels, very good condition.MUDM10675514,950 MUDM106766.2,950COUSINS TRAILED V-FORMCOUSINS V FORMCOUSINS V-FormCOUSINS V-Form Subsoiler, 6.5 metre, Rear Razor Packer, 4.5 metre 7 Leg Subsoiler, Hyd folding,11 leg, depth wheels, Very good legs Razor Ring Packer, 450mm spacing, cat 4.5 metre Hyd Folding Subsoiler 7 or 9 4.5m Hyd Folding subsoiler, 7 leg, 2009,and wearing parts. 4, depth wheels, good. leg, Razor Ring Packer, Depth Wheels. Razor Ring Packer, Depth Wheels, good.MUDM10626116,950 MUDM105948.7,950 MU1063606,950 MUDM106753.8,950KONGSKILDE PARAGRUBBERMcCONNELMOULTON NEW SINGLE LEG SUBSOILER RIPPER/PIPE LAYER 3 metre 3 leg Heavy Duty Subsoiler, Cat 1 Linkage, Max working depth 600mm,3m, 6 leg, Cranky Leg Subsoiler, Rear Shakerator 3.7 metre, 10 Low depth wheels, rear crumbler, very good Reversible Point, Pipe layer suitable forCrumbler, Very strong, little used, excellent. Disturbance Legs, 24" Tooth Packer. condition. pipe/cable up to 45mm, suitable for compactand low horsepower tractors.MUDM106737.2,950 MU1066862,650 MU106774.1,975 MN100300.385PROFORGE MULTIMOLERANSOME C96SIMBASIMBA FLOWKING Trailed Twin Leg Moledrainer, 2019, large Subsoiler, 3 metre 3 Leg Subsoiler with 4.2 Metre Flatliner 500 Subsoiler, 7 leg with 3.8 metre Flatlift Subsoiler, 5 leg, Largediameter disc, pitch adjustment and swivel Swivel legs, Cousins Roman Nose legs, DD packer, Pro-Lift legs, good wearing parts, Diameter Packer Roller with Hyd depthon the legs, reversible legs, all new wearing Hyd. Packer, Some weld on the frame, Trade-parts just fitted. Tooth Packer. In Price as is. adjust, very tidy.MU10669611,950 MU1066442,150 MUDM106286.3,950 MUDM106689.4,45020 Website updated weekly - View our full inventory online today www.agri-linc.com All prices exclude VAT'