b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 18E q o t O h e r C u l t i v a t i n MASCHIO TORO u i p m e n t 6m Power Harrow, Heavy PloughDuty, 2016, Hyd Packeradjuster, Q-Fit tines,Packer Roller. Presses KVERNELAND 1.5 metre, 60", 900mm rings, 45 degree,very good, 3 point linkage or towed, soP l o u g h Pre s s e s can be used as a front press.MU10674716,850 MU1014021,350PloughsP l o u g h s KVERNELANDLEMKEN VARIOPACKDOWDESWELL DP7E Plough 6 furrow 14" (5+1) 1998, DD1.8 metre Furrow Press, double row 110 Furrow Press, 3.8 metre, 2012, Bodies, skims hyd front furrow, goodwith pulling arms. double row, very good condition. metal, high and long clear.MU105563.645 MU1066353,850 MU1065263,450View more www.agri-linc.comDOWDESWELL MA145DOWDESWELL MA160GREGOIRE BESSON RB47 Plough, 6 furrow, On Land-In Furrow, 2005, DDS Plough 5 furrow, 4 + 1, manual variwidth, skims,Bodies, pin skims, rear disc, all new wearing Plough 7 Furrow (6+1) On-Land, extra clearance, hyd press arm, very good example, Lemkenparts, Checked and Ready for Work, Optional skims, manual variwidth, SCN Bodies. Furrow Press to suit MU106620 available extra.stock online Shotblast and Respray for an additional 1800. MU1065914,450 MU1066193,850MU1032838,850GREGOIRE BESSON SPEL 12 furrow WagonPlough, On Land, 7 + 5,very original plough, H8Bodies good.GREGOIRE BESSON RWB8GREGOIRE BESSON SPEL Plough, 6 furrow (5+1) Hyd Variwidth, 2009, Wagon On-Land Plough, 9 furrow, 2002,skims, rear disc, good metal, Hydraulic (5+3+1) front support wheels, 9thdouble depth/transport wheels, excellent. furrow loose, skims, very good metal.MUDM106578.8,950 MU10636617,850 MU1066009,850GREGOIRE BESSON SPWB9KVERNELAND ED85/300KVERNELANDKVERNELAND Extra FurrowPlough, 6 furrow (5+1) Auto-Reset, 2011, Manual Extra Furrow, LB85 - 200 No. 28 bodies, New LD85 - 300 No. 28 bodies, New Unused, Std ClearSemi-Mounted Plough 7 furrow (6+1) hyd Vari-width, skims, rear disc, hyd front furrow, Unused, Std Clear (700mm Point to beam) (700mm Point to beam) Knock on points, skims,variwidth, skims, rear disc, good example. No.9 bodies, frogs will take No.8 or No.28 bodies Knock on points, no skims, hyd variwidth. manual variwidth, high clear one also available.if preferred, Excellent Original Condition.MU1065467,950 MUDM10667212,950 MU1048221,485 MU1048181,785KVERNELAND LB85 200KVERNELAND LD85 300 Plough, 5 furrow, 2009, Original Boards Still KVERNELAND LD85/160 Plough, 5 furrow, hyd variwidth, 4 + 1, KVERNELAND LB8570%!, No.28, skims, rear disc, manual variwidth,skims, No.9 bodies, Some of the boards hyd press arm, knock-on points, come from Plough, 3 + 1, Slatted bodies, skims,are still original boards. 240 Hyd Variwidth plough, No. 8 bodies, skims. small farm, could be made into 6 furrow. Rear disc, manual variwidth.MUDM106630.6,950 MU1067353,950 MUDM106809.10,450 MU1066532,35018 Website updated weekly - View our full inventory online today www.agri-linc.com All prices exclude VAT'