b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 15WINTON WTM160 Rotary Topper, 1.6 metre(5ft), Cat 1, New TRADITIONAL DIRECTDRIVE ROTARY TOPPER MOWERS Traditional direct drive rotary topper mowers can tackle overgrownHedge & Verge Cuttersgrass, weeds, light scrub and saplings in pasture and paddock areas. Easily adjustable cutting height range of 5-25cm. Height adjustable skids for optimal height control Lightweight body for lower power tractorsTEAGLE TBM 270 Shear bolt PTO for enhanced safety Working Width 1.6 metres, Transport Width 1.7 metreHeavy Duty Flail Mower, 2.7 metre, hydCategory 1 Linkageside shift.Weight 220 kgMUDM106626.3,950 MN100301 .1,045 Misc. y r e n i h c a M c s i MMachineryAGRI 250ARTIC TRAILER DOLLYASTWELL gallon Bowser, not bunded, withdispenser, for tractor tow. 5th wheel Bogey. 44ft Grain Auger 6", 3 Phase.MUDM106047.975 MU106836.745 MU1061841,950HYUNDAI 6600W/6.6KW REMOTEHYUNDAI 6KW/7.5KVA MULTI-PHASE ELECTRIC START PETROL PORTABLE- SINGLE & THREE PHASE - SILENCED LONG RUNINVERTER GENERATOR - HY6500SEI STANDBY DIESEL GENERATOR - DHY8000SELR-TMaximum output 6600w/6.6kW ideal for large motorhomes, sports homes,Equipped with a 30L fuel tank for an increased running time of up to 30campervans and horseboxes. hours.4 wheels, front & rear handles for easy transporting and manoeuvrability.Multi-phase - Single & Three Phase capabilities, ideal for garages andRemote electric start with 2 key fobs, key start & 2 wire ATS start. workshops.Sockets: 2 x 13amp 230, 1 x 32amp 230v, 1x 12v 5amp DC socket & DC 5v 3.1amp.Powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled Hyundai diesel engine.LCD Display which displays the Produces a maximum output of 6kW / 7.5kVA.performance of the generator, Uses ATS capabilities to automatically displaying voltage, frequency andstart and shutdown during a power cut. hours run. ATS sold separately.ECO mode lowers the engine rpm Housed in a silenced case with a to increase fuel economy whilesound rating of just 70dB @ 7 metres.reducing noise and extending the Covered by a Hyundai 1 year engine lifespan when running at lessstandard warranty.than full load.Allow 2-3 working Days for DeliveryCovered by Hyundai\'s 3-year warranty.Allow 3 working Days for DeliveryMN1002811,400 MN1002791,373HYUNDAI 19" 48CM / 480MM SELF HYUNDAI 420CC PETROL 4-STROKE PROPELLED 139CC PETROL ROLLER WOOD CHIPPER/SHREDDER/MULCHER LAWNMOWER - HYM480SPR - ELECTRIC START - HYCH1500E-2 Includes 600ml Engine Oil420cc / 14hp Hyundai heavy duty electric start 4-stroke engine. 2.6kW Hyundai OHV 4-stroke 139cc engine, providing easy starting withElectric key start 12v batterylow fuel consumption.2 large wide pneumatic tyres & front handles for easy manoeuvrability. Split 38cm ribbed rear roller for a traditional British striped lawn.ATV towing removable bar forRear wheel (roller) drive, 48cm cutting width, ideal for medium sized lawns. remote locations. Single point cutting height adjustment - 5 cutting heights2 blade drum mechanism is 25mm to 75mm. designed to draw in and chipRear discharge and rear collect options. branches up to 8.5cm. Easy to remove 70litre grass collector.Emergency stop mechanismFoldable handles for compact storage. for maximum safety. Covered by Hyundai 3 year platinum warranty.Built in toolbox stoage. Requires Some Assembly on delivery -Easy tension twin V-beltsinstructions provided.For o road towing only Allow 2-3 working days forCovered by Hyundai UK 3 year delivery platinum warranty. Allow 3 - 5 Working Days for DeliveryMN100277424 MN1002781,498 Tel: 01778 591 225www.agri-linc.com Email: info@agri-linc.comAll prices exclude VAT 15'