b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 12D r i l l s SUMO VERSADRILLMOORE UNIDRILL 8m Direct Drill, 2009, 6073Hectares, Tandem frontwheels, 1034 hours worked,48 Disc Coulter, Tungstencoulters, blockage sensors,Radar Metering, Front Low VADERSTAD RAPID 400P STANHAY RALLYE 592disturbance subsoiler legswith Hyd reset, excellent 4 metre Trailed Airseeder, system rigidSugar Beet Drill, 9 row, Hyd folding, excellent example. tine, f.harrow, hyd fan, used recently,wearing parts, very good example. trade-in for newer Rapid.MUDM106796.4,350 MU10609438,950 MUEG106750.6,450VADERSTAD RAPID400F System Disc, 4m Seed Drill,Hyd fan, Rear Harrow andPre-Em Markers, 70%wearing parts, Very goodVADERSTAD RAPID 400PVADERSTAD RAPID 400Pexample, In use this Spring.4m Trailed Airseeder, System Rigid tine, hyd 4m Trailed Airseeder, system rigid tine,crossboard, 80% discs and coulters, Pre-em f.harrow, blob marker, hyd fan, decent wearingMarkers, very good example for age. parts, tramlining and pre-em - good example.MUDM105870.7,850 MU1060097,850 MU10677211,850VADERSTAD RAPID 600F System Disc 6 metreseed drill, cleated tyres,pre-em markers, wheeleradicators, goodwearing parts, all newVADERSTAD RAPID 600PVADERSTAD RAPID 600Ftyres Trelleborg 7.00-15 6Trailed System Tine Airseeder, Hyd fan, 60% 6 metre system disc, 70% disc and Ply tyres, Checked anddiscs and coulters, ribbed tyres, following coulters, pre-em markes, hopper Ready for Work.harrow and pre-em markers, price as is. extension, wheel eradicators.MUDM106302.7,950 MU10569613,950 MU10553717,450VADERSTADRAPID A400s System Disc, 2011, 1717hectares c/w interactivedepth control, drawbarcentre packer, very tidy.All new wearing metalVADERSTAD RAPID 800Ffitted. VADERSTAD RAPID A600s Trailed Disc Drill, 8 metre, System Tine, 6m System Disc seed Drill, Hyd fronthyd levelling board, good discs, rollover Discs, Radar Metering, 7100 hectares,sheet, following harrow. Drilling Discs need replacing, price as is.MUDM10654011,350 MUDM106575.38,950MU10673214,350 VADERSTADVADERSTADRAPID A600sRAPID A600s 6m System Disc, 3 row 6m System Disc, RadarDrill Coulters, Staggered Metering, Hyd front discs,Wheels, Radar Metering, pre-em markers, 7600just changed in for an 8 Hectares, some of theMetre. wearing parts are down,price as is.MUDM10660324,850 MUDM10645615,750VADERSTAD VADERSTAD RAPIDRAPID A800sA800s8m System Disc Seed drill, 2007, 8 Metre System RigidStaggered wheels, Wheel Tine, Radar Metering,eradicators, Radar Metering, XPattern discs, ALL new system good discs, hyddisc, coulter discs, seed coulters crossboard, rolloverand bearings. ALL new wheel sheet, cleated tyres,fork bushes, wheel fork good.modification kit, followingharrow tines, wheel scrapers andtyres being fitted. Currently in theworkshop having an overhaul.MUDM10623735,950 MUDM10664013,95012 Website updated weekly - View our full inventory online today www.agri-linc.com All prices exclude VAT'