b'63477 News Linc June PRINT READY.qxp_Layout 128/05/202112:32Page 10Min Till Disc Harrows/ SUMO Quatro 4m trailed primarycultivator, year 2007 c/wfront disc gang, 8subsoiler legs, 2 rows ofsprung discs, rearMultipacker, hydraulicSIMBA X-PRESSfolding, rear drawbar &hydraulic services, SUMO TRIO 4 metre with ST Bar, 2010, Rigid, 2 rows braked axles, good tyres,of ProActive Discs, DD Lite packer, very tidy condition. 4 metre Tine Disc Press Cultivator, 7 leg,D r i l l s good condition. 2 rows of discs, Rear Giant MultiPacka.MU10674210,450 MUDM10621119,850 MU10585213,850VADERSTAD CARRIER Need420 System Disc 4.2metre, 2009, Steel Ring,replacement from small farm, verytidy little used example.Bearings?SUMO TRIO Contact us or visit 4.5 metre Trailed Tine Disc Press One-our website! Pass Cultivator, 9 leg, Good MultiPacka,very original and tidy example.MUDM10666513,950 MUDM10679416,450VADERSTAD VADERSTADCARRIERTOPDOWN 600Super 500, 5 metre, 6 metre, system disc,2020, Hyd Crossboard, Later type leg rams,Steel Rings, TrueCut good rear packer, +discs, superb machine. 1400 for New systemdiscs fitted on the front.MU10678731,250 MUDM10562318,950WEAVING SHORTDISCNeed Drills6m Disc Harrow TrailedCultivator, 2017, V Ring replacementPacker,80% discs, Excellentcondition. Parts?Contact us or visitour website!MU10650616,750COUSINSHORSCH 8m Trailed Oil Drill, 2015, Low PRONTO NT Disturbance Strip-Till Subsoiler 6m Grain & Fertiliser 2018with Liquid Fert Applicator & No-Till Direct/Mulch Drill,Seeders, 14 x Micro-Wing Legswith Tungsten, 600mm Spacing, 500 HA only, Pre-emsHyd adjusting leading discs, Rear Markers, Extra Worklights,Zone-Ring Packer, Twin Liquid Latest Software, ownerFertiliser 800 litre tanks driven.(including one front mounted),Two Techneat V2 seaders withGarmin Radar GPS control, (1 forRape Seed, 1 for Slug Pellets).MUHORSCHNT6MUDM10629728,950 .68,750LEMKEN SOLITAIRE ALPEGO 9 - RUBIN8m Folding Combination drill,2015, Disc Coulter, Front4m Trailed Seed Drill Hopper Fertidrill-AS MaxCombination, 2014, 1409 Galvanised front hopper, twinhectares, RUBIN with 2 tank/twin outlet withrows of Discs, Twin rear hydraulic fan, LED lights, frontstep, DMAX-800 8m hydrauliccrumblers, Solitaire 9 folding power harrow withSeeder with Double Disc quick fit tines, tooth rearCoulters, Solo kit for the packer, Airspeed mounteddrill included, Excellent disc coulter drill with rearCondition. following harrows, heavy dutydrill, rated up to 500hp.MU10630621,850 MUDM10662342,75010 Website updated weekly - View our full inventory online today www.agri-linc.com All prices exclude VAT'