b"1 RETAIL Cover Issue 34.qxp_Layout 116/12/202015:22Page 1Issue 34Spring 2021CONTENTSAgri.linc News.2.8New Machinery.9.29Moore Unidrill.10-11Proforge Cultivators12-21Proforge Chain Harrows.21Proforge Power21Proforge Moledrainers22Proforge Grain Trailer23Proforge Rolls23-24The linc you can trust TM Cousins 24Herbst.25-27Bailey Trailers28Herculano Trailers.28Hay & Straw Equipment.29Attachments.30.400% Finance Machinery Offer Buckets.31Forks & Grabs.32-33Continues - Turn to page 4 Handling & Lifting.33-36Sweepers.36Weight Blocks37-38More from MOORE!Miscellaneous38-40- Turn to page 11 Loaders & Handler Brackets .41.43Wheels & Tyres44.47Something about SUMO?? Tanks48.50- Turn to page 5 Fuel Tanks & Accessories48Storage Tanks.49Rainwater Harvesting.50AGRI-LINC LIMITEDISSUE 34 SPRING 2021 Striding out with Strimech!Wearing Parts .51.142- Hear more on page 5 Bearings.52-56Discs57-59Wearing Parts by brand name59-131Bucket Edging.132''The thing is they just don't wear Universal Parts.132-137out!'' - See why on page 56 Trailer Parts137-138Lighting & Electrics 138-141PTO Equipment.141-142Starter Batteries142A Frame & Linkage Parts.142-144Bulkhead Fittings.144Hydraulic Fittings & Accessories144-145Fixings & Fasteners.145-146Haulage & Lifting 147.154Ratchet Strap Sets & Fittings148-149Flat Duplex Slings149Decent, deep,Round Slings150Ropes & Ties.150one-pass machine Towing/Haulage Sets.150- A E Atkin & Son. Chain Slings.151PROFORGE 3mtr Inverta &Chains & Components.152New Stoka-Pro Tine Bar combination Chain Tensioners153- Turn to page 12 for further details. Loadbinder Sets.153Shackles.154Tarpaulins & Nets.154WATCH US ON Workshop & Yard Equipment.155.176YOUTUBE!Grain Store Ventilation156-158SEE MACHINERY & Monitoring Equipment159PRODUCT VIDEOS Safety & Security.159-161PPE & Clothing.161-165Cleaning Products165-166Agricultural Paint166-167Tools & Workshop Equipment167-171viding a hassle-fr-free custee ome Welding Supplies.171Providing a hassle customer experience Oils, Lubricants & Maintenance.172-174Professional Rodenticides.174-175Bourne Depot: 01778 591225Thaxted Stores Depot: 01371 830358 Crop Protection.175-176www.agri-linc.com Farm Toys177.183Ride on Toys177-178Scale Model Toys.178-181"