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Fire Safety Sticks

The Fire Safety Stick – fire extinguishing device, is a simple and easy way to ensure that you are prepared in the event of a fire in your working environment.

The fire stick extinguisher is the ideal solution: Not only is it environmentally friendly, it is also safe for people and livestock and will not damage your machinery. Fire Safety Stick is small and light enough to be held in one hand, only weighing in at 365g. It doesn’t need any servicing and it works on all major fire types. With a shelf life of 15 years, it’s a remarkable solution to replace traditional extinguishers in the farming industry. Coming in two options (50 seconds and 100 seconds) Fire extinguisher stick has up to 50% longer discharge time when compared to the common traditional extinguisher.

The firestick extinguisher will help you to contain a fire, preventing it from becoming a threat to life or property. In fact, for enclosed fires (eg. within an engine area) you can activate the Fire Safety Stick, leave it inside to extinguish the fire, as you get out to safety.

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