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Shown below is some of our customer testimonials. We value your feedback in fulfilling our company vision of being - The linc you can trust™. Please click here to contact us and share your experiences. 


March 2023

......"I'm very pleased with the way Agri-Linc handled the disposal of all my machinery. I didn't want a farm sale and they just came in and took everything away, it was marvellous! Some of the bigger machinery they took and sold on my behalf and got me a good price for it, so I'm very happy. I didn't need to worry about anything, we just loaded up your lorries and away it went!"

Peter Onions, Nottinghamshire  - Mr Onions disposed of all his Machinery, Tractors and Combine through Asset-Linc - Sell Your Machinery   service



 March 2023
......."I recently sold a Simba cultivator through this service. (Asset-Linc - Sell Your Machinery)  And as with all my dealing with Agri-linc, I have been extremely impressed with the dealing and the efficiency of the service offered, I will Definity use this service again in the future."
Colin Dening, Somerset.


 October 2018

......."it has become a very versatile piece of machinery for us and can be used on stubble ,cultivated land or plough and is extremely good value for money ,it has been extremely important to us especially where we don’t want to cultivate deep and bring up blackgrass"

The product mentioned is the PROFORGE INVERTA - follow the link: https://www.agri-linc.com/proforge-inverta-6-0-metre-disc-cultivator-new.html

(Stephen Ellerbeck) 

 October 2018


Everyone at Agri-Linc was delighted to receive this testimonial from Chris Hogg about a Used Gregoire Besson Discordon that he recently purchased from us. What he writes is a credit to our yard and workshop teams, and the work they do in maintaining and restoring our used machinery. Thank you, Chris Hogg, – we look forward to dealing with you again!

I had been looking at ways to modernise a bit and move away from ploughing, and eventually decided that a Gregoire Besson Discordon looked and sounded like the best fit for the land we farm; unfortunately, nobody close by has one to have a look at. I gave Agri-Linc a call after seeing they had a couple of Discordons in stock, and they were absolutely fantastic; they even did a one-off demonstration of the machine for us at their site! The all-round service was really impressive, the paperwork was completed on the day, and the machine was with us within a week in absolutely spotless condition, and some spare wearing parts that I decided to order after it arrived were here the next day too. The machine itself has been an absolute God send, it’s almost halved our fuel bill for cultivations etc. and we’ve cultivated and sown the whole farm almost three weeks earlier than in previous years! All-in-all, I can’t recommend Agri-Linc highly enough, their overall service is absolutely top drawer!

(Chris Hogg)

 May 2018

We bought our Invertamax last summer after seeing the Agri-Linc stand at Cereals the year before. We decided it would be a good machine for our farm. Since purchasing it, it has worked around 600ha of land with very little wear to the discs despite our sandy soils. We purchased it to reduce the amount of ploughing we did on the farm and it forms a good seedbed for drilling. Overall it has reduced our land work costs dramatically. We chose the Invertamax over the Inverta as we chop our Rye straw therefore we needed the weight of the larger machine to fully incorporate the amount of straw. The only cost to the machine is the scrapers on the rear roller wear quickly, however they are easy to replace. The sales and service team are very helpful and the service from the initial interest in the machine through to the delivery was excellent. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Agri-Linc and their products to anyone.

(Tag Farming)

May 2018


Thank you very much for the refund received today.

We apparently entered both the pro-forma and the invoice and then managed to pay both eventually.

It is most refreshing to work with such honest people.

Best Regards


October 2015

Thanks for great service.



January 2015

Hi Ben, carrier arrived on farm today in excellent condition, thanks for all your help, best regards.


December 2014

I really appreciate your time and interest to help me.

Thank you, Jacob

July 2014

Emptied the second container today with the RDA400s and TD 600. All looks very good thank you, unloaded this container in a different yard to the first one, the comments were "we have never seen a container with secondhand equipment so well packed as this one" and "that is the cleanest secondhand machinery we have ever seen"

Your men have done an wonderful job on containerisng this equipment (please pass this comment on), makes life easy at this end.


Matthew Sim - Willowbrook Machinery - NZ

November 2014

Just a brief note to say that my order was delivered to me yesterday, Friday at 2pm which I think is excellent service on your part together with the carrier, and all the goods are correct and in order. Many thanks again and with kind regards.

Ray Bithel