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Slurry Tanker Adjustable Safety Pressure Relief Valve 2" BSP


Condition: New

2" Pressure Relief Valve, with side branch used to Protect the Tank and Vaccum Pump 

Safety Relief Valve
Slurry Tanker / Pump
Set pressure 1 bar over pressure
2" male thread

Fits B & P (Battioni Pagani) MEC 9000, MEC 11000, MEC 13500, MECII 9000, MECII 11000, MECII 13500

£56.17 £46.81 Ex. VAT

Safety Valve Slurry Tank
Adjustable pressure relief valve
Adjustment by loosening the hex socket bolt
Max working pressure
1.5 BAR
Min. working pressure
0.3 BAR
Connection thread type
⌀"Connection thread diameter
2 Inch
hConnection thread length
16 mm
⌀Connection diameter
47 mm
dConnection 2, diameter
43 mm
Min working temperature
-15 °C
Max working temperature
60 °C
1.19 kg
HTotal height
195 mm
L1 LTotal length
100 mm
DDiameter hosetail mm
49 mm
Height h1
51 mm
Length L1
64 mm
36 mm