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Subsoiler Parts

Subsoiler Parts

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  • Bourgault Tillage Tool 200-REL-1010


    Product ID: PA300597

  • Leg protector suit Simba Pro Lift OEM:P11181 or 820-487C


    Product ID: PA301391

  • Long Cast Leg Clamp to suit Simba Flatliner


    Product ID: PA301505

  • Simba Drawbar eye 32mm bolt hole


    Product ID: AS-060250

  • Simba DTX Shin OEM:P12018 or 604-292D


    Product ID: PA301772

  • Simba Flatliner 500 Prolift Leg OEM: P10486 or 611-110H


    Product ID: PA300196

  • Simba Flatliner Point c/w Wings to suit 25mm leg OEM:P04676


    Product ID: PA300222

  • Simba Flatliner Retaining Plate OEM:P04675 or 611-153D


    Product ID: PA301225

  • Simba Flatliner Shin


    Product ID: PA-PA01686

  • Simba FlowKing Shin OEM:P01634


    Product ID: PA301999

  • Simba Low Disturbance leg bottom OEM: P16954


    Product ID: PA300402

  • Simba Low Disturbance Tine OEM: P13813 or 606-028H


    Product ID: PA300392

  • Simba Low Disturbance Wing OEM: P13812 or 603-401D


    Product ID: PA300403

  • Simba Orange Paint 1 Litre


    Product ID: HA501083

  • Simba orange paint aerosol 400ml


    Product ID: HA501084

  • Simba Prolift 360mm wide High Lift Wing OEM: P10411 or 602-359D


    Product ID: PA300156

  • Simba Prolift Point OEM: PO9148


    Product ID: PA300140

  • Simba Prolift Shin OEM:P10391 or 820-484C


    Product ID: PA300144

  • Simba Prolift Tungsten Hi-lift wing


    Product ID: PA302311

  • Simba Prolift weld on foot / short leg bottom


    Product ID: KR-P10296

  • Simba Prolift Weld-on lower leg OEM: P11161


    Product ID: PA300207

  • Simba Prolift Wing 260mm wide OEM: P10392 or 820-486C


    Product ID: PA300141

  • Simba Remote Grease Tube


    Product ID: PA300070

  • Simba Solo Prolift/Flatliner leg OEM: P10487 or 602-042H


    Product ID: PA300209

  • Simba Solo Prolift/Flatliner leg OEM: P11464 or 602-122H


    Product ID: PA300208

  • Simba ST Leg (Short) OEM: PO13012


    Product ID: PA300309

  • Stoka ST Leg OEM: P13093 or 606-014H


    Product ID: PA300308

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