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ST, SL, SLD and Xpress

ST, SL, SLD and Xpress

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  • Genuine Simba Wheel Stud R/H OEM: P00709


    Product ID: PA301765

  • Genuine Simba Xpress adjuster OEM:J220211750


    Product ID: PA301559

  • Internal spacer to suit Simba DD rings OEM: PO8191


    Product ID: PA300348

  • Simba DD Lite 600 Scraper Arm


    Product ID: PA302573

  • Simba DD lite Packa Bearing OEM:P01834 or 601-015S


    Product ID: PA302256

  • Simba DD Lite Scraper, Hardox, for Simba X-Press


    Product ID: PA302572

  • SIMBA DD Ring, Genuine, 560mm, OEM No. P12616


    Product ID: PA300231

  • SIMBA DD Ring, Genuine, 700mm, OEM No. P08994


    Product ID: PA300115

  • Simba DD Scraper Stem LH

    Excl. Vat: POA
    Incl. VAT: POA

    Product ID: PA302649

  • Simba DD Scraper Stem RH

    Excl. Vat: POA
    Incl. VAT: POA

    Product ID: PA302650

  • Simba DD Scraper Stem U Bolt M16x190x117

    Excl. Vat: POA
    Incl. VAT: POA

    Product ID: PA302651

  • Simba DDS Rear Scraper


    Product ID: AV-HC595550

  • Simba Drawbar eye 32mm bolt hole


    Product ID: AS-060250

  • Simba Genuine Low Disturbance Tine C/W Wing and Point


    Product ID: SI-PLDOP

  • Simba Leading Tine, 650mm length


    Product ID: PA300079

  • Simba Orange Paint 1 Litre


    Product ID: HA501083

  • Simba orange paint aerosol 400ml


    Product ID: HA501084

  • Simba Pattern Pin


    Product ID: PA300091

  • Simba Pro-Active Spring Helper 4 Hole


    Product ID: PA302475

  • Simba Pro-Active Top Press Spring OEM: P12573 or 807-312C


    Product ID: PA300525

  • Simba Proactive Spring Helper 2 Hole


    Product ID: PA301987

  • Simba Prolift Tungsten Hi-lift wing


    Product ID: PA302311

  • Simba Tine Holder suit Uni & Cultipress OEM:P12524


    Product ID: PA301404

  • Simba U Bolt M16x86x138mm Off-set Leg OEM:806-245C


    Product ID: PA300533

  • ST Pro Edge Point to suit Simba/Bourgault OEM:P18108


    Product ID: PA302197

  • Universal Eradicator Tine Bracket Kit c/w fixings


    Product ID: PA302577

  • Universal tungsten point, 310x40x17mm


    Product ID: PA302986

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