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Professional Rat Poison

Professional Rat Poison

Agri-Linc offers a range of professional rodenticides for rat and mouse infestations. Our range of professional rodenticides presents a range of effective baiting methods to suit a variety of applications, featuring a selection of products from the Kill-It rodenticides range . Please note our range of rodenticides is for professional use only and for us to fulfil an order for these products, you will be required to present a copy of your Professional rodenticide course certificate or confirmation of your membership of a CRRU Aligned Farm Assurance Scheme by emailing us at sales@agri-linc.com. By law, we are unable to dispatch orders until we are in receipt of the necessary certification. For more information, please see the Official CRRU UK code of best practice, https://bpca.org.uk.

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  • Bait box tunnel


    Product ID: HA500524

  • Bait box tunnel with tubes


    Product ID: HA500523

  • Kill-It Bait blocks, 4kg


    Product ID: HA500981

  • Kill-It Bait blocks, 5kg.


    Product ID: HA500976

  • Kill-It Extra Bait blocks, 5kg


    Product ID: HA500972

  • Kill-It Extra Loose whole wheat bait


    Product ID: HA500971

  • Kill-It Extra Whole wheat throw/ Place bags


    Product ID: HA500974

  • Kill-It Loose whole wheat bait,10 kg


    Product ID: HA500975

  • Kill-It Max Loose whole wheat bait., 10kg


    Product ID: HA500979

  • Kill-It Max Soft wax bait, 300g tube, Box of 12 tubes


    Product ID: HA500980

  • Kill-It Max Wax Bait blocks, 5 kg


    Product ID: HA500978

  • Kill-It Pasta bait sachets, 5kg


    Product ID: HA500973

  • Kill-It rodent glue boards, 12 pk


    Product ID: HA501004

  • Kill-It Soft Wax Bait Difenacoum 10 x 300g applicator tubes


    Product ID: HA500977

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