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Crop Protection Equipment

Crop Protection Equipment

To give your crops a head start, and ensure good crop establishment right from the start, Agri-Linc carry a large stock of crop protection equipment to suit the requirements of farmers and growers. In crop establishment, the management and maintenance of the crop is equally as important as the soil, and our range of plant protection equipment will facilitate easy crop management year-round.  Our range of crop protection equipment includes a renowned range of birdscaring equipment from well-recognized brand ‘Portek’.

We stock a range of Portek pest control spare parts, bangers, kites and rockets besides the Portek Scatterbird bird scarers.  Amongst our range of plant protection equipment is the EnduraMaxx Knapsack Sprayer, an ideal item to have to hand pre-harvest season, and a must-have when it comes for crop-walking.  Our large range of crop protection equipment covers both agriculture and horticulture, and we’re confident we can find you the item you require. If you’re struggling to see what you require on our website, give us a call on 01778 591225 or email sales@agri-linc.com, and one of our sales team will be happy to help you.

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  • Portek Circuit Board New OEM: 031/50


    Product ID: PA302219

  • Portek Gas Hose OEM: 031/55


    Product ID: PA302224

  • Portek Gas Regulator OEM:031/54


    Product ID: PA302223

  • Portek Hanging Crow Visual Bird Scarer


    Product ID: PA302389

  • Portek MK4 Solenoid & Filter


    Product ID: PA302953

  • Portek Preset Remote Control for Scatterbird MK4


    Product ID: PA302458

  • Portek Sentinel Wind Powered Bird Scarer Hawk Eyes


    Product ID: PA302390

  • Portek Short Battery lead


    Product ID: PA302220

  • Portek Skybird Bird Scaring Rocket Box of 10


    Product ID: PA302212

  • Portek Solenoid & Filter OEM: 031/08


    Product ID: PA302222

  • Portek Spark Generator OEM: 031/10


    Product ID: PA302199

  • Portek Spark Plug OEM: 032/06


    Product ID: PA302200

  • Portek Terror Hawk Replacement Pole Only


    Product ID: PA302957

  • Portek Terror Hawk Replacement Support Stake Only


    Product ID: PA302958

  • Portek Terror Kite Spare Hawk only


    Product ID: PA302218

  • Portek Terror Kite Spare only


    Product ID: PA302217

  • Portek Two Piece Gas Jet (7/8" BSF) OEM: 032/18


    Product ID: PA302221

  • Rabbit Trap, Humane Live Capture, Fully assembled


    Product ID: PA302625

  • Replacement Inflatable Scare Crow only to fit PA302883


    Product ID: PA302479

  • Sound Bird Scarer


    Product ID: PA302392

  • Wind Driven Bird Scarer


    Product ID: PA302393

  • Wind Powered Bird Scarer


    Product ID: PA302391

  • ZON 4 Bird Scarer Gas Gun Fully Automatic


    Product ID: PA302878

  • ZON 4 Bird Scarer Gas Gun Mechanical Timer - Optional Extra


    Product ID: PA302880

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