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Misc Wearing Parts

Misc Wearing Parts

At Agri-Linc, we’re your one-stop shop for all agricultural machinery parts. We stock new and used hydraulic fittings, grassland parts, plough parts, seed drill parts, trailer lighting, workshop consumables, bearings, seals and much more. You can choose from the biggest and best manufacturers in the industry to ensure you’ve got the right parts and tools for the job.

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  • 500mm Diameter Rubber Wedge Ring section,


    Product ID: PA300751

  • Adjuster Handle Assembly to suit SImba OEM:P8051


    Product ID: PA300717

  • Agrilla Nova Tine to suit Vaderstad OEM:201470


    Product ID: PA301780

  • Bison Cambridge Breaker Washer

    Starting at: £1.00

    Product ID: bisonbreakerwasher

  • BISON Cambridge Roll Ring - Ductile

    Starting at: £48.00

    Product ID: bisonroll

  • Blade LH OEM:E040146 To suit Kverneland PH18 Power Harrow


    Product ID: PA300694

  • Bristle sets for Proforge Unibrush

    Starting at: £446.60

    Product ID: bristlesetunibrush

  • Browns Hectovator Lower Leg OEM:90733


    Product ID: PA301632

  • Browns Hectovator Lower Leg U Bolt


    Product ID: PA301633

  • Farmforce S Tine 45x12mm L590xW225 c/w Point


    Product ID: PA301333

  • Fixing Plate for Dowdeswell OEM:820366


    Product ID: PA300891

  • Genuine Simba Cat 3 Towing Hitch OEM:812-434C


    Product ID: PA301320

  • Genuine Simba MK2 Bearing protector OEM:P0225


    Product ID: PA300735

  • Genuine Simba Proactive Retaining Plate OEM:P12575 or 608-004D


    Product ID: PA301989

  • Germinator Point


    Product ID: PA300329

  • Germinator S Tine c/w Point


    Product ID: PA300399

  • Gregoire Besson EmoPak Ring


    Product ID: PA301813

  • Intermediate 230mm Disc Spacer


    Product ID: PA300472

  • INVERTA Disc Arm Front, throws to Left


    Product ID: PA300756

  • Inverta Disc Arm Rear - throws to the right


    Product ID: PA300757

  • INVERTA DiscBond Packa steel ring section, 600mm,


    Product ID: PA300753

  • Inverta DiscBond Scraper Bracket Arm


    Product ID: PA300791

  • INVERTA Outer Half Disc 560mm,


    Product ID: PA301290

  • Inverta Rubber Shock section, 180mm x 40mm


    Product ID: PA300759

  • Inverta Top Clamp for Disc Arm


    Product ID: PA300758

  • InvertaMax Rubber suspension section 50mm x 200mm


    Product ID: PA301456

  • KE3 18mm Blade RH To fit Amazone


    Product ID: PA300772

  • KE3 18mm Blade LH - to suit Amazone


    Product ID: PA300773

  • Kockerling PC Reversible Point 450x130x12mm OEM:900835


    Product ID: PA301421

  • Kockerling PC/Vario Point 495x60x16mm OEM:506008


    Product ID: PA301427

  • Kongskilde Crumble Roller LH spring OEM:103000487


    Product ID: PA300691

  • Kongskilde Crumble Roller RH spring OEM:103000486


    Product ID: PA300690

  • Kongskilde Vibroflex Complete Tine


    Product ID: PA301310

  • Kongskilde Vibroflex Leg


    Product ID: PA301309

  • Kongskilde Vibroflex Point 2.1/2"x6mm OEM:105000483


    Product ID: PA300660

  • Kongskilde Vibroflex Spring OEM:05000002


    Product ID: PA301308

  • Kuhn Fast Fit Power Harrow Tine Fastener


    Product ID: PA301341

  • Kuhn Quick Fit Connecting Piece Lynch Pin OEM:50086310


    Product ID: PA301342

  • Kuhn Quick Fit Tine Holder OEM:K2501380


    Product ID: PA301343

  • M30 Female LS - 3/4 90


    Product ID: PA301687

  • Maschio Bolt Protection Plate OEM:38100215


    Product ID: PA300638

  • Maschio DM LH Power Harrow Tine OEM:36100210


    Product ID: PA300636

  • Maschio DM RH Power Harrow Tine OEM:36100211


    Product ID: PA300637

  • Maschio LH 15mm Easy Fit Tine OEM:36100367


    Product ID: PA301369

  • Maschio RH 15mm Easy Fit Tine OEM:36100366


    Product ID: PA301368

  • Opico/Evers 70mm Dustcap OEM: 992023


    Product ID: PA300552

  • Opico/Evers disc Stalk OEM: 995022


    Product ID: PA300611

  • Packa Roller Rev Scraper 175x90x5mm to suit Kuhn


    Product ID: PA301289

  • Packa Roller Rev Scraper suit Kuhn 180x75x4mm OEM:52532130


    Product ID: PA301288

  • Pallet Fork Attachments Heel Pin


    Product ID: PA301770

  • Pegoraro Tine M30x295 OEM:003981-01


    Product ID: PA300626

  • Power Harrow Tine to suit Dowdeswell RH OEM:820380


    Product ID: PA300890

  • Proforge 560mm Polytwist Bucket Brush Segment

    Starting at: £8.25

    Product ID: bucketbrushsegment

  • Proforge Bolt on Tooth for 4 in 1 Bucket


    Product ID: PA302069

  • Proforge Brand Name Stickers

    Starting at: £3.00

    Product ID: brandnamesticker

  • Proforge brand-name stickers SQUARE


    Product ID: PA302073

  • Proforge Cultilla 32x12 Helper Tine


    Product ID: PA301737

  • Proforge Cultilla 32x12 Straight Tine


    Product ID: PA301738

  • Proforge Cultilla Eradicator Tine Clamp


    Product ID: PA302201

  • Proforge Cultilla Tine Clamp


    Product ID: PA301736

  • Proforge Depth Control Pin with handle


    Product ID: PA301317

  • Proforge Disc Bond Packa Heavy Duty Scraper Arm


    Product ID: PA301392

  • Proforge Disc Bond Packa Scraper Blade, HD type


    Product ID: PA301435

  • Proforge Disc Bond Scraper Bracket, HD type,


    Product ID: PA301436

  • Proforge DiscBond Packer Scraper


    Product ID: PA300755

  • Proforge Disrupta Delta Point


    Product ID: PA301200

  • Proforge Disrupta Delta Point Frog


    Product ID: PA301204

  • Proforge Disrupta Delta Shin


    Product ID: PA301201

  • Proforge Disrupta Delta Wing Left


    Product ID: PA301203

  • Proforge Disrupta Delta Wing Right


    Product ID: PA301202

  • Proforge Disrupta Leg 830x60x25mm


    Product ID: PA301437

  • Proforge Disrupta Shear Bolt


    Product ID: PA301851

  • Proforge Disrupta Spring assembly


    Product ID: PA300760

  • Proforge Disruptamax Point 300x80x10mm


    Product ID: PA301438

  • Proforge Frontilla Bearing


    Product ID: PA301760

  • Proforge Frontilla Headstock Spring


    Product ID: PA302037

  • Proforge Frontilla Levelling Board Tine Clamp


    Product ID: PA301762

  • Proforge Frontilla Tine Clamp


    Product ID: PA301758

  • Proforge Frontilla Twin Disc


    Product ID: PA301759

  • Proforge Inverta C2/C3 Lower Link Pin Long


    Product ID: PA301396

  • Proforge Inverta C2/C3 Lower Link Pin Short


    Product ID: PA301395

  • Proforge Rubber Wedge Roller Scraper


    Product ID: PA300754

  • Proforge Scraper U-Bolt


    Product ID: PA300792

  • Proforge Side Claw

    Starting at: £13.95

    Product ID: SIDECLAW

  • Proforge Side Plate LH


    Product ID: PA302067

  • Proforge Side Plate LH


    Product ID: PA302108

  • Proforge Side Plate RH


    Product ID: PA302068

  • Proforge Side Plate RH


    Product ID: PA302109

  • Q Fit L/H Tine to suit Amazone KG, OEM: 6575300


    Product ID: PA300415

  • Q Fit R/H Tine to suit Amazone KG, OEM: 6574300


    Product ID: PA300414

  • Rubber Packer 80mm wide spacer,


    Product ID: PA300752

  • Rubber Strip 225mmW x 1700mmL x 8mm to suit Flail heads


    Product ID: PA300689

  • S Tine 32x10 Clamp 50x6 suits 50x12 box


    Product ID: PA300692

  • S Tine 45mm x 10mm H518mm, W233mm, X370mm


    Product ID: PA300594

  • S Tine Clamp to suit 45mm x 10mm


    Product ID: PA300595

  • S Tine Clamp to suit Kongskilde Germinator OEM: 101000507


    Product ID: PA300473

  • SIMBA DD Ring, Genuine, 600mm, OEM No. P08192


    Product ID: PA300116

  • SIMBA DD Ring, Genuine, 700mm, OEM No. P08994


    Product ID: PA300115

  • Simba Disc Repair Washer OD80 x ID25 x 10mm


    Product ID: PA300536

  • Simba Disc Repair Washer OD80 x ID37 x 20mm


    Product ID: PA300537

  • Simba Leading Tine Bolt-on bracket


    Product ID: PA300471

  • Simba Leading Tine Profile


    Product ID: PA300470

  • Simba Toptilth Front Pigtail Tine (Shallow Curve) OEM:P0857


    Product ID: PA301256

  • Simba Transport Hook Catch Plate


    Product ID: PA300539

  • Simba Wing Pivot Repair Bush OD60xID45x148mm


    Product ID: PA300635

  • Simba Xpress Disc Arm OEM: J220211970


    Product ID: PA300613

  • Space Disc Suit Horsch Pronto OEM: 00310893


    Product ID: PA302198

  • Spacer Band for Rotary Bucket Brush Segments, 5" Bore


    Product ID: PA300291

  • Springtine, 32mm x 10mm, c/w point


    Product ID: PA300370

  • ST Pro Edge Point to suit Simba/Bourgault OEM:P18108


    Product ID: PA302197

  • Star Cleaner to suit Flexicoil Rollers


    Product ID: PA300639

  • Steel Bushing OD 50 x ID 24.5 x 120mm


    Product ID: PA300459

  • Steel Bushing OD 50 x ID 30.5 x 120mm


    Product ID: PA300460

  • Steel Bushing OD 60 x ID 36.5 x 120mm


    Product ID: PA300461

  • Steel Bushing OD 60 x ID 39.5 x 120mm


    Product ID: PA300462

  • Steel Packer Scraper to suit Vaderstad Topdown


    Product ID: PA302603

  • Talex Spyder Rake Tine


    Product ID: PA302151

  • Talex Spyder Rake Tine Bolt


    Product ID: PA302154

  • Talex Spyder Rake Tine Clip


    Product ID: PA302152

  • Talex Spyder Rake Washer M12


    Product ID: PA302153

  • Tine Holder 32x12 suits 50x50 box


    Product ID: PA300624

  • Tine Pin to suit Vaderstad Top Down Leg OEM:447406


    Product ID: PA300798

  • Top Hat Bush to suit Simba wing folding pivot


    Product ID: PA300618

  • Tractor Airline Adapter


    Product ID: PA302272

  • Universal 1" SQ Pigtail Tine 5/8" top fixing hole LH


    Product ID: PA300483

  • Universal 1" SQ Pigtail Tine 5/8" top fixing hole RH


    Product ID: PA300482

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