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Energy Agripower PTO Generator 20 KVA / 16KW Standard Specification C/W IP44 Alternator Filter


Condition: New

£5,526.00 £4,605.00 Ex. VAT

Energy Agripower PTO Generators are made and assembled in Northern Italy. The heavy duty powdered coated steel 3-point linkage frame is fabricated in-house. The alternators are made in Italy, selected from the Linz and Meccalte brands. The gearboxes are from the Comer and Bondioli brands, suitable for intensive workloads. The range extends from 10kVA up to 160kVA Prime Power

All generator models are supplied with an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with an accuracy of +-1%. All models are available with three different levels of switchgear, Standard, ISO Easy and ISO Full.

Standard Switchgear- The standard switch gear panel features four analogue dials, showing, Volts, Amps, Frequency and Hours worked, a Full power 3 Phase 5 Pin CEE socket with MCB, a 16Amp single-phase CEE socket with MCB and a Shuko 2 Pin socket, all with IP44 protection ratings.

ISO Easy & ISO Full Switchgear -  Both ISO Easy and ISO Full feature switch gear panels specified with a changeover switch including OFF, HOUSE and FIELD settings.

The HOUSE setting bypasses the MCB putting full power through a single 3 Phase 5Pin CEE 400V socket. This setting is to be used to supply electricity through permanent protected switchgear.

The FIELD setting supplies the MCB protected sockets.

For the ISO Easy panel this is a 3 Phase 5P CEE 400V socket and a Shuko 2 Pin socket, both with IP44 protection ratings.

For the ISO Full panel this is two 3 Phase 5P CEE 400V sockets and two Shuko 2 Pin sockets, both with IP44 protection ratings.

Please note all electrical connections and earth bonding must be made by certified professionals in accordance with the relevant country and area laws.

 IP44 Filter Kit- Alternators need protecting from adverse conditions such as dust and water. The IP44 filter on both the inlet and outlet of the Alternator cooling system protects the alternator. This is available as a factory fitted option.