Why you should take grain storage seriously in 2022...

We’re all very aware of the effects that the Russian onslaught is having on food production, in particular on Ukranian grain exports. ADHB estimate that the Ukrainian grain harvest is forecasted to drop to 48.5Mt this harvest, from 86Mt last year, as sown area is down 25%.  Any Ukranian cereal and oilseed harvested then faces negotiating the current impasse in export channels to the wider world.  With potential lack of supply, UK grain markets are buoyant, and every ounce that British farmers reap is very precious indeed. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that your grain is stored in the best way.

When it comes to grain storage, as a ‘farming family’ with almost a century’s experience of agricultural trading, we understand the value of the grain in your sheds to you. We’ve partnered with Evans & Pearce to showcase a range of products that are highly durable and built to last. Many lines are held in stock, and we can offer a fast and hassle-free turnaround, so that you’re ready when the combines start to roll.











There’s no doubt that there’s a few brands out there that you can look too for grain storage products.  However, the Evans & Pearce ranges stand out from the noise as a reputable range, which has been finetuned and perfected over 40 years of research and development. You can also be assured that you’re supporting British manufacturing, whilst protecting British grain.

A bit about the ‘Polycool’ grain pedestal range:

This is a cost-effective, flexible and vertically standing crop cooling and conditioning system, ensuring crops stay free from moulds and insects.  The grain pedestals in this range are plastic, and can sustain years of rugged loader handling.


Showcasing the strength of the Polycol range!











Constructed from robust food-grade twin wall plastic, the Polycool pedestals have been tested and approved by ADAS, and have a 50% more open area than other products available allowing fans to work to their full potential.

A slotted base section allows air movement, reducing down to an extension pipe, which is not slotted. Once grain is covering the pedestal, a fan is placed on top and used to either suck or blow heat from the crop as required.  This range comes in three sizes.

A bit about the ‘Metalcool’ grain pedestal range:

This range is a galvanised steel vertically standing crop cooling system. The pedestals are constructed from louvred (as opposed to punched) steel, so no metal is removed, leaving the section as strong as possible. The louvre design is to allow the optimum movement of air while allowing use with small grains such as OSR. This range comes in two sizes.


Metalcol example image
























In addition...

Agri-Linc stock a range of accessories to complement the pedestal ranges, as well as a number of grain store fans, with options available to suit every ventilation setup and grain stores of all shapes and sizes.

Also take a look at our range of ‘Hot Spot Spears’, constructed from tough, spiral wound, galvanised steel tubing, for offering a rapid response to warm areas in your grainstore.

If you’re in the market for grain moisture meters and testers, this is where you want to be : https://www.agri-linc.com/haulage-agri-equipment/grain-drying/grain-testers.html .  We all know that what gets measured, gets improved – checking your grain quality regularly will make sure mould or decay doesn’t set in.

For the full range of grain storage products, go to our website here: https://www.agri-linc.com/haulage-agri-equipment/grain-drying.html .

Don’t forget to get in touch with Agri-Linc for any queries or questions you might have; call us on 01778 591225 to speak to our friendly sales team. We hope that this blog was beneficial to you, and we wish you all the best for harvest this year.

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