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Welsh Government Grants For Farmers

This blog is a shout-out to all our Welsh customers and counterparts, and in it we’ve included a plethora of useful pointers, for how you can earn better in these volatile times and apply for welsh government grants, as we all await the agricultural consequences of Brexit à la Mrs. May. 


It has recently come to light that a harsh Brexit deal for Welsh Farming could scupper the industry, as some farmers rely on the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy for more than three-quarters of their income, according to an article published by The Guardian in May 2017.  Though Wales firmly voted out, it is thought that Welsh farmers fell into the minority of ‘inners’.

Of course, Brexit signals all change for the CAP Policy, and welsh farmers anticipate their highly unique and challenging industry being threatened by the Common Agricultural Policy’s demise, which gives them approximately £300 million worth of agricultural funding .  Forces such as NFU Cymru have encouraged Welsh farmers to adopt an attitude of optimism facing these times of change, with NFU Cymru President quoted as saying that Brexit presents an ‘opportunity to shape the direction of the industry to benefit future farming generations in Wales’.

On 10 July 2018, the government of Wales unveiled a new ‘Land Management Programme’ to come to the aid of Welsh Farmers post-Brexit, in place of the CAP.  The programme includes the ‘Economic Resilience Scheme’ and the ‘Public Goods Scheme’, which targets investment to land managers particularly – for more information see:

No alterations to the existing Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and current Glastir operations (see below) are detailed as yet, and for the meantime, the schemes will continue.  However, it is clear that from 2020, the BPS will begin to be phased out, and the new schemes will come to the fore by 2025.  The hope is that Wales will not be ‘a penny’ worse off as a result of Brexit, but rather Brexit will result in a solution that suits Welsh farming better than ever before.

In terms of how to apply for government grants for farmers and financial support in the meantime, check out these useful links below:

Here is a link to details on the Sustainable Management Scheme, offering grants of between £10,000 and £700,000 to Welsh farmers working collaboratively to improve natural resources :

Alternatively, the fifth window for application for the Farm Business Grant is currently open, and will remain that way until October 26th  ( All farmers desirous of applying for the grant must first register their business with Farming Connect, but businesses with turnover exceeding £1 million will not be eligible for the grant.  A £40 million allocation has been made available to this scheme, with grants offered of maximum £12,000. For an opportunity to apply for a 40% contribution towards new hardware and software, see this link for more info on the Grant:

In terms of smaller grants, the Glastir Small Grants scheme offers financial support to farmers and land managers, specifically with paying for delivery of environmental goods and services, such as maintaining biodiversity, improving water management and combating climate change.  The next phase of this scheme, (Glastir Small Grants - Landscape and Pollinators), opens in March 2019. Refer to :

Also currently available is the Sustainable Production Grant, which will help farmers to improve their water, soil and air quality, with grants of up to £50,000 offered.  The application window closes on the 26 October, so secure your grant soon by going to :

With that, I would like to wish the best of luck to all our Welsh customers for the future, please feel free to contact us to share with us how Brexit is affecting you, and how you think it will affect the British farming industry in months to come.


All information in this blog was correct at the time of its creation

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