Calling Welsh Farmers – Welsh Farm Business Grant Applications Open!

The beginning of September appears to have brought little change in the poorer weather which has dominated a lengthy, catchy harvest. However, on a more positive note, if you’re a Welsh farmer, you have reason to rejoice with September’s arrival. Here’s Why:

Expressions of interest for the Farm Business Grant (Window 9) have opened once again. You can apply from the 1st of September 2021 until the 1st October 2021 via RPW Online (Rural Payments Wales Online:

As per the Welsh government’s website, the grant provides a maximum 40% contribution towards capital expenditure on equipment and machinery, which offer ‘clear and quantifiable benefits to farm enterprises’, or improve ‘technical, financial and environmental performance’. Grants range from £3,000 to £12,000.

For all the details, the best place to look is:

For a list of all the items covered for funding by the Farm Business Grant go to :

This comprehensive list includes, amongst other things, livestock handling equipment, computer/business software, GPS equipment, Slurry equipment and weather stations.

Besides that, there’s a range of items offered by Agri-Linc that are covered by the Welsh Farm Business Grant Funding, including:

Solar Powered Electric Fencing Energiser:

Cameras for monitoring livestock:

Arable Crop Roller: New Proforge Rolls, (6.3 metre+ only):

Grassland Direct Drill: Any of the range of New Moore Unidrill’s (Note: Moore Unidrill Base units excluded)

Potable Water harvesting and filtering equipment, 10,000L+ Tanks (Above ground):


If you’ve got any queries, do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 01778 591225, or email [email protected]

Disclaimer: The above products mentioned are only suggestions based on our interpretation of the guidance given by the Welsh government. Any information is given in good faith, but before taking advantage of this scheme, we recommend you follow the advice here:

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