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Agricultural Trailer Safety Inspection Checklist

Part of trailer safety is regularly checking both your trailer and towing vehicle, to ensure that they are fit to be used. In this section we take you through some steps to ensure that your trailer is ready to use.

Things to Check from the Rear of the Trailer

At the rear of your trailer, you should ensure the security of the load by securing and latching all the trailer doors. You can use a carabineer or snap hook in order to negate accidental opening. Also check your markers and reflectors are clearly visible, securely affixed and clean, and that your number plate is properly secured and clean.


From the side

Now you should check that your tyres and wheel fixings are in working order. You should check the pressure on all tyres, and that is including your spares and the inside tyre should you be using dual wheels. A tyre pressure monitoring system can be very useful to this end, allowing you to check tyre pressure from inside the cab and be alerted if it drops below required levels. From this angle you can also check that your spray suppression is in good condition, and that nothing has comprised the security of the trailer body.


From the front of your trailer

At the front of the trailer, and at the back of your towing vehicle, there are a number of important checks to be made. Brake lines and electrical connections can be tested, while ensuring that chains and safety cables are connected securely. Is your electrical connection plugged in and secure? Is the breakaway system connected and secure? You can also check the security and condition of your battery.


From the front of your vehicle

You can now step out in front of your vehicle and look beneath the bumper for any signs of fuel or oil leaks. Also, are lights and indicators working as they should?


From the driver's seat

Now it is time to check all is well from the driver's seat. Are all your mirrors and glass intact and easy to see through? Is your front view completely free from obstruction? Make sure you remove or lower any monitors or screens which could block your view or distract you. Do your brakes work, and do your steering wheel and horn respond as they should? Windscreen wipers, washers and warning lamps should all be checked for their functionality, and you should be aware that any signs of engine or exhaust smoke could indicate a problem.


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