Tis The Season...To Sell Timber

I hate to labour an obvious point, but Britain is in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis that has caused a steep increase in energy prices. According to the government, between October ’21 and ’22, domestic gas prices increased by 129% and domestic electricity prices have increased by 66%. People are increasingly turning to alternative sources of energy, with many families using log fires or woodburners to heat their homes.

My husband of nine months is the proprietor of a very informal side hustle selling seasoned timber to friends and locals; this year it’s really reaping some rewards. Quality timber is in short supply, and like almost every other energy form, prices are increasing. When was the last time you looked at the price of a bag of logs on a petrol forecourt, or at your nearest garden centre? It’s pretty astonishing what people can charge these days for a small net of 10 logs, and they won’t last long when you’re relying on your woodburner as a primary heating source.

I’m no business coach, but if you’ve got surplus timber on your farm, estate or smallholding, you could be missing out on a neat little secondary income this winter.

If the idea appeals, Agri-Linc stock some must-have logging equipment to get you started.

For the bigger logging enterprises, look no further than the Proforge 20 Tonne Tractor-Mounted Log Splitter. This fine beast will run off any tractor with a hydraulic supply/return or hydraulic power pack. What’s more, the Logsplitter is the perfect partner to our Logsplitter Table, which makes the splitting and handling of large quantities of logs a whole lot easier. See a video of it in action below.

Whether you’ve got a compact tractor or a higher horsepower machine, the Oxdale range of splitters is definitely worth a mention. New in stock at just £835 is the Oxdale TM400 10 Tonne Splitter, check it out on our website here.

For large amounts of timber, we also recommend the Proforge® Tractor Log Grab on Euro Brackets. At 1.2 metres wide, it’s going to be able to shift some big timber.

Smaller scale log enterprise? We’ve got you covered. The Portek Charger 8.5 Ton Log Splitter is sure to pack a punch, and is 10x faster than a regular hydraulic Logsplitter. It’s also portable and easily positioned. Check it out on our website here or watch it in action below.

Also from Portek is the Logmaster saw horse, with a huge load capacity of 125kg. It’s able to fit any chainsaw, and is the ultimate stable and strong workbench. Find it on our website here.

To complete your forestry setup, ensure you have adequate PPE and the right clothing for the job. Check out Agri-Linc’s Forestry Jacket and Trousers, as well as our Forestry Helmet and Gloves.

Browse our full range of logging and forestry equipment right here on our website. Alternatively, call 01778 591225 to speak to us, we’d be glad to assist!

May your logging endeavours be very fruitful!

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