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Short-Disc, Speed-Disc Harrow Cultivator

Proforge InvertaMax® Short-Disc, Speed-Disc Harrow Cultivator

Proforge InvertaMax This Heavy Disc Cultivator is an ideal primary cultivator for heavy stubble tillage as an effective substitute for ploughing. Thanks to the benefit of the heavy frame and large 620mm 25″ Discs it is possible to till tough and hard soils in one pass saving time and costs.




  • Available in 4, 5 & 6mtr trailed folding models
  • 25” 620mm large cutaway discs – Class leading high quality wearing discs
  • Packer Options – 600mm RubbaWedge or Discbond Steel Packer



  • Sealed Class Leading SKF bearings for longevity and ultimate performance
  • High Ground Clearance and adjustable rear beam
  • Rear Levelling Finger Harrow
  • Air Brakes
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