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Proforge Inverta [video]

Proforge Inverta is a Hi-Speed and low horsepower requirement short Disc Cultivator. With the increasing demand in Stale seedbed creation in the fight against Black grass, the Inverta was introduced to the UK market as an affordable contender, the sales of these outstripped supply during the season.

It has proved itself throughout the season in both dry summer and stickier autumn conditions, on both stubble and on ploughing, and has often surpassed our more expensive competitors. As well as Cereals, we have taken the Proforge Inverta to the Power-In-Action event, on heavy Suffolk clay – (where most of this footage was taken) and also the Tillage Live event at Croft, North Yorkshire.

Video in work on stubble...

See it in work Tillage Live 2016

There are six models to choose from: 2.7 metre, 3 metre, 4 metre, 4.5metre, 5 metre and the 6 metre. The four metre to six metre trailed models can be complimented with an optional hydraulic levelling board on the front of the machine.



For the rear packer there is the choice of either the Rubber wedge ring packer or, most popular, the steel ring DiscBond packer The 3 metre model can be complimented with the Proforge Stoka bar as shown here. The familiar tine on this will work down to 250mm depth and by virtue of its close coupling can still be managed by a 125hp tractor.



There are a number of unique features which set the Inverta apart from the rest: All trailed Inverta’s can revert to being a fully mounted machine by removing the drawbar and rear wheel kit. All machines which are purchased as a mounted machine can be retrofitted with a trailing kit at a later stage. Hi-Grade 560mm (22inch) Cutaway discs are fitted as standard SKF maintenance free sealed bearing hubs are fitted as standard on the Inverta.


Customer Recommendations

If you would like to speak to a user of a Proforge Inverta we can supply contact details for a good number of users across different regions of the UK and also in New Zealand.

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