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Harvest 2018 Rounded-up with the New Proforge Grain Trailer

Let us spend a few minutes to analyse the impact of a summer in which, according to The Guardian, travellers on the tube sustained temperatures ‘illegal for cattle transportation’ and increasing amounts of ‘alfresco’ diners increased the demand for quiche by 11%, besides nearly spiking a ‘lettuce shortage’. Irrelevant as these facts may seem, I thought they may serve to illustrate what has been a mighty ceaseless summer and a challenging harvest season.

Following a difficult growing season, yields are emerging as in line with or slightly below the GB five-year average. Scorching conditions in early June meant that some areas had no rainfall for 50 days, which made the run-up to harvest season unprecedently dry.  However, in recent weeks, widespread rainfall has mitigated the risk of fires that was rampant until now, and lower temperatures have been welcomed by farmers looking to store their grain.


Farmers have also been warned that due to low weed dormancy, infinite patience is required in dealing with blackgrass, as there is little soil moisture for germination. (Our Blackgrass Control Report is released on the 28 September – to make sure you don’t miss it go to




A few days ago, we were lucky enough to witness a snippet of #harvest2018 action, with a new #harvesthero – the Proforge 12 tonne grain trailer (see

Besides being made in the UK, this product also boasts a host of other features, including:

  • - Commercial Axles (420x180 brakes) fitted as standard on trailer
  • - Hydraulic rear door to facilitate easy shipping
  • - Interchangeable hydraulic or standard rear door
  • - Interchangeable sprung or fixed drawbar, with adjustable height on both
  • - Axle room to take 550 flotation tyres
  • - Front and internal ladder


This is a new piece of machinery that was developed by Proforge, to make sure you stay #strategicallystrong this summertime.  For more information, be sure to visit the Proforge grain trailer’s page on our website, (see above) or check out the video and pictures above.  We’re always interested to hear from you – please comment on this article to share your thoughts and views on what has been an interesting season!


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