How To Refurbish Your Disc Harrow (With Parts Guide)

For optimum results during cultivation season, worn discs and fixings should be replaced and general repair should be made prior to work. When autumn cultivation is complete, it’s important to assess any damage and carry out maintenance and repair tasks as needed, to keep your implements in good working order.




To reach intended working depth, discs should be replaced when 15% of the original diameter has been worn away. With this to go by, discs can be measured, and comparisons can be made to their original diameters. When the shape of a cutaway disc begins to lose its definition, the effectiveness of the disc at work is also compromised, so be wary of this.


Before operating your disc harrow, check that bearings in the disc hub are sound, firm and fully greased (if not sealed for life)– Without regular lubrication during the season and periodic checks, greaseable bearings will dry out and wear faster.


Fixings attached to disc blades can easily become loose over time. Use a large socket wrench to tighten these. Ensure that if a disc is replaced, fixings are replaced along with it – the seal between fixings and discs will impact your end result, and new bolts will ensure a firm attachment to a new disc throughout its lifetime.


Download Our Guide For Disc, Bearing & Fixing Replacement Parts On Common Disc Harrows (With direct links to buy the right part on our website)


Download Parts Guide


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