Harvest Heroes From Agri-Linc

We sit on the brink of harvest!

With the forecasts looking hopeful for the next week and uninterrupted sunshine and warmth promised in most parts of the country, we are sure to see the combines begin to roll, if they haven’t made a start already in your area!

With harvest, it’s very much about being in the right place at the right time, and with the good weather conditions currently on the horizon, now is the time to act to make sure you have all the harvest essentials your team require!  Our team have come up with a list of top ten ‘harvest hero’ products from Agri-Linc.  We think you ought to stock up on these to survive Harvest 2022!

  1. 6Kg Dry Powder Firecheif Fire Extinguisher

Hot weather, dry straw, all it needs is a spark from a piece of machinery, and you’ve got yourself a fully fledged blaze! That’s why you should always keep a fire extinguisher like this one handy, this particular one is perfect for large vehicles, tractors and combines. It’s a highly versatile Class A, B and C fire-fighting medium for most fire risks. In addition to dealing with electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gasses, general wood/paper fires, this extinguisher is also effective on vehicle fires.

Find the link to this product here: https://www.agri-linc.com/6kg-dry-powder-firechief-fire-extinguisher.html

  1. V-TUF Mammoth Grain Store Vacuum Hoover

Perfect for cleaning grain store barns, this is a proven farmers companion from a recognised brand. It’s extra large and rugged, with a robust chassis and a 110 Litre Heavy Duty roto-moulded tank, perfect for all the beating your rural environment will give it! A 15-metre hose will also help to reach the furthest corners of the big grain stores!

Find the link to this product here: https://www.agri-linc.com/v-tuf-mammoth-grain-store-vacuum-90l-capacity-240v.html

  1. 5 Person First Aid Kit

A first aid kit that’s perfect for your harvesting team – all tractors/combines should be equipped with first aid equipment of some kind.  Here at Agri-Linc, we stock a range of other first aid equipment, to fit bigger or smaller teams, as well as individual first aid wallets, browse the full range here : https://www.agri-linc.com/first-aid-wallet.html

We all know that farming is a dangerous job at times, with moving machinery, sharp points, etc, so ensure you stay safe! Your harvesting team can’t afford the time it takes to head back to the farm and patch up any minor injuries, so keep everyone safe and operating with this compact first aid solution.

Find the link to this product here: https://www.agri-linc.com/5-person-first-aid-kit.html

  1. Box of 12 EP2 Lithium Grease Cartridges

Seemingly obvious but essential! We’re all pulling machinery out of the shed that hasn’t been used for a while, so your haymaking/harvest machinery could definitely benefit from a good grease up!

This is one of our best-selling grease lines at a great price, with quantity discounts available, so stock up – we guarantee it won’t go to waste ! If you need grease guns, or other varieties of grease, we have a huge range available to buy online here on our website : https://www.agri-linc.com/haulage-agri-equipment/oils-lubricants-maintenance.html

Find the link to the EP2 grease cartridges here: https://www.agri-linc.com/grease-cartridges.html

  1. MARTCARE® Moulded Dust Mask FFP3 Valved, Box of 5

Health and Safety is paramount in farming, perhaps even more so at harvest time. FFP3 Masks are an essential for use in grainstores at harvest time, so make sure you have plenty on hand.

Find the link to this product here: https://www.agri-linc.com/martcarer-moulded-mask-ffp3-valved-box-of-5.html

  1. WILE 200 Moisture Meter

An all-important tool for harvest, which gives the greenlight for the combines to roll. This tool offers fast, easy and accurate measurement for grain moisture, test weight and temperature. We’ve got plenty of other moisture meters on offer too, including handheld probes, which can be found on our website here: https://www.agri-linc.com/haulage-agri-equipment/grain-drying.html

Find the link to the WILE 200 here: https://www.agri-linc.com/wile-200-moisture-meter.html

If you want to find out more about Agri-Linc’s range of grain store equipment, including the Polycool and Metalcool grain storage systems, go to our latest blog: https://www.agri-linc.com/blog/why-you-should-take-grain-storage-seriously-in-2022/

  1. LED Compact Magnetic Rotating Beacon

Harvest time means long hours in the beautifully low lights of the evening. Make sure all of your machinery is equipped with the right lighting solutions, especially when combining continues late into the evening. For all the lighting solutions you need, head to Agri-Linc’s website: https://www.agri-linc.com/haulage-agri-equipment/lighting-electrics.html

To pick out one essential lighting item, check out this tough and durable magnetic beacon here: https://www.agri-linc.com/led-flashing-beacon.html

  1. Hi-Viz Class Two Yellow Waistcoat

Be safe, be seen, they say! With working at nights inevitable, and with teams operating in dark grainstores, these hi-viz waistcoats are an inexpensive but lifesaving essential – make sure that there’s one in every tractor or combine cab.  Available in a variety of sizes from Agri-Linc. To view our full range of PPE, take a look at Agri-Linc’s website: https://www.agri-linc.com/haulage-agri-equipment/ppe-first-aid-equipment.html

Find the link to the Hi-Viz waistcoats here: https://www.agri-linc.com/hi-vis-class-2-yellow-waistcoat.html

  1. Grain Sampling Spears

A new addition for Agri-Linc, with a range of variations available. Our stores team says, “Grain sampling spears are a helpful tool for pulling grain samples from storage at different depths for analysis. Best used with one of our moisture meters to gain an insight into the crop condition.”  For the full range, go to our website here: https://www.agri-linc.com/grain-sampling-spear-stretched-core-8-sample-2m.html

This particular sampling spear is for lorry load profile sampling and takes an approx 480g grain sample: https://www.agri-linc.com/grain-sampling-spear-stretched-core-8-sample-2m.html

  1. 2140L Bunded Highway Bowser

Save your combine or tractor the long trek back to the farm for that essential fuel fix with this bad boy, in irrepressible yellow (at least you’ll know where it is when night falls ). This bowser is the bigger of the two in this particular range, at a sizeable 2140 litres.

For all the spec, follow this link: https://www.agri-linc.com/2140-litre-u-n-approved-bunded-highway-diesel-bowser-with-12v-electric-pump-new-optional-adblu-tank-in-stock.html

We really could go on and on. There are spanner sets, bulk bags, bale grabs, lifting chains, tarpaulins, rodenticides and lots more essentials available for immediate delivery from Agri-Linc. Not to worry though, if something in this long list tickles your fancy, all you need to do is head to Agri-Linc’s website: https://www.agri-linc.com/

Once you’ve placed your order , build your combining playlist, get your PROFORGE® sunnies on, and wait for the sun to come out (if it isn’t out already.)

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