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It’s over 3 years since our last blog centred around Combatting Rural Crime - , and since then we’ve been through a pandemic, wheat price rollercoasters (more about that soon) & shortages of almost everything imaginable… the difficulties and opportunities this has thrown up means farmers need to be constantly on the lookout to deter desperate criminals, especially as we are now back into a ‘new normal’.

So let’s firstly look at the data around Rural Crime in the UK. The last report (2020 - ) stated that Rural Theft had cost approximately £43.3m – this comes to approximately £415 per farm, if you go by the estimated number of farms in the UK on Statista.

Farmers Weekly has helpfully run a Q&A with a rural policeman to go through the main weaknesses leading to crime in the first place…

Thieves will always be on the lookout for opportunities, and just because you haven’t been targeted already doesn’t mean you are safe – just 2 weeks ago, a customer came into reception stating that police had arrested two men for burglary in the local area, and our customers farm was earmarked on their phones as the next place to visit.

A lot of the problems occur when there aren’t eyes in multiple places, and a feeling that the cost & hassle of bolstering security may not see return on investment.

Think about the cost involved of a burglary, not to mention the trauma and feeling of insecurity – it’s worth reaching out to those that can help or have had experience with this – you’re not alone.

Things like Farmstream CCTV security could seriously help have multiple eyes in different places, and will act as a natural deterrent as well… we are lucky enough to be stockists of this technology. This camera can be yours from just over £250.00 – when you take into account the costs of rural theft to each UK farmer, your camera could pay for itself in 7 months (if not much less!).

“100% recommend Farmstream Static and 360 Cameras. I’ve a total of 11 setup and can honestly say they have saved us in thousands! They have caught calving, lambing, and stealing criminals!! Best money you will ever spend! Easy to setup and so easy to use.”

We’ll repeat a useful guide with recommendations from previously below… and for any other security products you want to look have a look at click here -

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