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Blogging About Logging

So, it’s that time of year again. Let us here and now put away all our fond memories of an exceptionally good summer, and from henceforth devote ourselves to the enjoyment of winter.

Winter is certainly not winter without frosted leaves, roasted chestnuts and slipper socks, but I would say a good log blaze is the embodiment of all simple and wintry pleasures.

Unfortunately for me, our house’s log-burning capabilities are very poor. While one of our chimney’s is totally fake, the other ‘genuine’ chimney ascends through my mother’s wardrobe, and she, like most women I know, is not wont to voluntarily incinerate her clothes.  So, after much bemoaning, measures have been taken and an outdoor ‘fire pit’ has been purchased to satisfy our whims, and I am looking forward to the ‘first burn’ of the season with much anticipation.

It must be said that the somewhat old-fashioned and rural practice of log collecting, splitting, storing and burning has indeed become very fashionable in homes both rural and urban (and I suspect an uproar from many log-burning urban southerners should Sadiq Khan make more smoke signals about banning wood-burners in London).

This rising tide has only been advanced by the increasing preference and availability of log-burners, and the tasteful Danish art of ‘hygge’ (defined by the Oxford Dictionary as a ‘quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being’). Nothing phrased differently could accurately describe the beauty of a log fire.

Perhaps their popularity is only heightened for their ability to bring people together and act as a gathering point. Franklin D. Roosevelt historically advocated his ‘Fireside Chats’ as a time at which the entire nation, crippled with the effects of the Great Depression, for one evening hour, sat – unified, by a roaring hearth, and listened to the words of their President. Now in modern times, we are turning down the thermostat in favour of filling our log-sheds for the purpose of using alternative sources of energy and cutting our fuel bills.

Most importantly, serious loggers should check out our PROFORGE® Log Grab, for easy transportation of your wood for this season -  As well as this, meet our new PROFORGE® Heavy-Duty Tractor-Mounted Log splitter - see it making quick work of large logs in this video:

For any enquiries on these attachments please call 01778 591225, and our sales team will be happy to help you.  If you are fortunate enough to be one such log enthusiast, PROFORGE® have the perfect accompaniments to help you this season.  We wish you every success in your logging efforts!

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