Bale Grab: Fast Bale Handling

It’s the right time of year for farmers to start thinking about silage and hay solutions. A quick glance at the Farmers Weekly Inventions Competition latest entries shows a host a homespun bale handling confections. What does this tell us? Well, demand for bale handling equipment is certainly there, but perhaps farmers are having to seek their own, purpose-built, low-cost alternatives to meet their requirements. This, besides anything, wastes costly time on the farm.

In attempt to change this, we have compiled a guide to the best, low-cost and high-speed bale handling options on the market.

We’ll begin with our personal favourite: the PROFORGE® Soft Hands Round Big Bale Grab

The popular PROFORGE® Round Bale Grab works with loaders for stacking, transporting, loading and unloading of silage, hay, straw and bales.

MN101559_2 Proforge Soft Hands Big Bale Grab


  • The Soft Hands Big Bale Grab comes complete with hoses, couplings and brackets (bracket type is the customer’s choice).
  • The entire structure is made from steel with increased resistance.
  • The big bale grab’s arms are bent from thick walled pipe with a large diameter, to ensure a firm grip on bales.
  • Pins and sleeves are zinc plated and made of C45 construction steel, resistant to abrasion.
  • All surfaces of the clamp are smooth and ensure safe transport without damaging bale wrap.


Find out more information on our Soft Hands Big Bale Grab's


Model:Weight:Safe Lift Capacity:Brackets:Price:
Round big bale Grab215 kg900 kgEuro£835.00
Round big bale Grab215 kg900 kgJCB B Q-Fit£950.00


Next on the list: Albutt F450 Side Squeeze Bale Grab

Agri-Linc are now pleased to offer this item from reputable attachments manufacturer Albutt, which offers a heavy-duty solution, which handles wrapped silage or straw bales, round or square.

MN100074_1 Albutt F450 Side Squeeze Bale Grab


  • Smooth surfaces on the arms protect the bale wrap
  • Opens from 750 mm to 2050 mm
  • Compact width when closed
  • Recommended to be used with Albutt’s bolt on bracket system – enquire for details
  • Square bales can be gripped from side or end (dependent on bale length) and round bales can be turned on their ends
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve and hydraulic lock valve to protect against burst pipes


Find out more information on the Albutt F450 Side Squeeze Bale Grab

Model:Weight:Lift Capacity:Brackets:Price:
Albutt F450278 kg1000 kgPlease enquire£1,595.00

Though the Bale Grab is likely to be the quickest option out there when it comes to fast bale handling, we would recommend a few other bale handling options to our customers too.

PROFORGE® Bale Handler/Lifter

This is a definitely great multi-purpose item to have on the farm. The roller tubes act securely lift wrapped bales, but these can be removed to expose bale spikes, which can carry square or round straw bales.

MN100080 PROFORGE® Bale Handler/Lifter


  • Heavy Duty design using 80 x 80 mm box section to carry brackets
  • 90 mm diameter rollers feature 2 grease points to ensure free rotation
  • 1250 mm conus 2 SHW forged tines
  • Plain back to allow for weld on brackets or bolt on brackets


    PROFORGE Bale Handler/LifterNo Brackets160 kg£975.00

    Find out more information on our PROFORGE® Bale Handler/Lifter

    PROFORGE® Heavy Duty Unibale Spike

    This is the perfect choice when it comes to safe handling and stacking of large bales and multi-bale stacks, which we offer in multiple different sizes and frames.

    MN100047 PROFORGE® Heavy Duty Unibale Spike


    • Constructed of 100 x 100 x 6 mm Heavy Duty Box Section
    • 960 mm Conus 2 heavy duty spikes as standard
    • Choice of brackets
    • Choice of frame heights and widths


    Model:No. of Spikes:Price:
    5 ft wide (1520 mm x 1000 mm) Low Frame2£525.00
    5 ft wide (1520 mm x 1800 mm) High Frame2£625.00
    5ft wide (1520 x 1800 mm) with removable 800 mm Extension Frame2£675.00
    6ft wide (1830 x 1000 mm) Low Frame2£570.00
    6ft wide (1830 x 1800 mm) High Frame2£695.00
    6ft wide (1830 x 1800 mm) with removable 800 mm Extension Frame2£750.00

    Find out more information about the PROFORGE® Heavy Duty Unibale Spike. We also stock an economy version of this called PROFORGE Ecobale Spike.

    One thing’s for sure, silage and hay season is upon us, so don’t get caught out without the equipment to suit your bale handling requirements. If you think any of these options might work for you, be sure to give us a call on 01778 591225, and one of our experienced sales team will be able to help you. Alternatively, send an email to


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