Attention all English Farmers! Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2023 Grant Announced!

The date for applications closed on the 4th of April, but please see below a range of machinery that qualifies if your application was successful. 

Calling all English farmers!

The government has recently launched a grant scheme for farmers in England looking to improve their farm productivity and enhance environmental benefits. You can apply for this for specific grant for equipment and technology if your business is in England and you’re a farmer, horticulturalist, forestry owner or contractor carrying out services to any of the above.

This new grant funding helps farms to improve agricultural productivity, improve air and water quality, encourage more sustainable pesticide and fertiliser usage, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adding value to your business.

The new measures are broadly termed as ‘Farming Equipment and Technology Fund’, and details can be found here on the government website.

Click here: About Farming Equipment and Technology Fund

Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) 2023 has been split into 2 themes: Productivity and Slurry items (Annex 3) Animal Health and Welfare items (Annex 4). The FETF 2023 grants are for a minimum of £1,000 and a maximum of £25,000 per theme.

For a full breakdown of eligible items, specifications and qualifying criteria, click here: FETF Eligible Items

Agri-Linc offer a range of items covered by the new grant funding. Keep reading to find out which of our machines are eligible!

Item number FETF110 covers 3 Metre Cover Crop Roller’s, with an available grant amount of £1,952. This covers the PROFORGE® Crimpa™ cover crop roller/front press – click to view: Proforge Crimpa

Item number FETF112 covers Grassland Sward Lifters, with an available grant amount of £2,804. This covers the SUMO GLS Grassland Subsoiler – click to view: Sumo GLS Grassland Subsoiler and the Proforge Grassland Subsoiler – click to view: Proforge Grassland Subsoiler

Item number FETF208P covers Tractor Mounted Stubble Rake’s, with an available grant amount of £5,800. This covers all Proforge Pacers – click to view: Proforge Pacer 6 Metre; Proforge Pacer 7.5 Metre; Proforge Pacer 9 Metre

Item number FETF207P covers Air Drills for establishing Cover Crops, with an available grant amount of £796. This covers Stocks Ag Seeders – click to view: Stocks Turbo Jet 8 Seeder and Stocks Turbo Jet 10 Seeder

Item number FETF219P covers cameras for monitoring farmyards, with an available grant of £110. This covers the Farmstream 360 Cameras – click to view: Farmstream 360 Camera

Get your applications in now! The Productivity and Slurry portal is open from 21st February 2023 until midday on 4 April 2023, with Animal Health and Welfare available in March. The grant is competitive, so you will not automatically get a grant. Apply here!

If you’d like to talk to a member of the Agri-Linc team about how to take advantage of the new grant funding, get in touch today by calling us on 01778 591225.

Disclaimer: Eligible items as per our interpretation of the grant funding specification, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure the product meets the eligibility criteria of the item they have applied for. Funding only eligible for farmers in England.

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