All about AdBlue® - What does AdBlue® do?

What is AdBlue® and which cars use AdBlue®?

Adblue® is a high purity operating fluid used in the exhaust systems of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment.

What is AdBlue® made of?

Adblue® is a colourless fluid made up of a mix of urea and deionized water.

How does AdBlue® work?

AdBlue® is stored in a tank in the vehicle, before being mixed with the vehicle exhaust gases in a ‘SCR’ or ‘Selective Catalytic Reduction’ catalyst system. Here, a chemical reaction takes place which converts the dangers Nitrous Oxides produced by the engine to harmless Nitrogen and Water, which are released by the exhaust. Hence, the AdBlue® Tank needs to be regularly filled.

How long does AdBlue® last?

How often to add AdBlue® and AdBlue® consumption varies depending on engine size, engine load, how economically the vehicle is driven, travelling terrain and outside temperature. The vehicle/piece of equipment should give plenty of advance warning if AdBlue® is running low.

What happens if you run out of AdBlue®?

The reaction that turns exhaust gases into harmless elements is important, so if you run out of AdBlue®, engine power and performance will be limited to reduce emissions. You will not be able to restart the engine without replenishing the AdBlue® tank.

What is AdBlue® used for?

As the government seeks to implement environmental legislation that improves air quality, there is an increasing number of applications for AdBlue®. AdBlue® is frequently used in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, power generators and the rail and marine industries.

Where to buy AdBlue®

Agri-Linc stock a range of Greenox® AdBlue® products, from 20 litre bottles to 205 Litre barrels , with discounts on bulk buys.

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AdBlue® supplied by Agri-Linc is quality guaranteed to the ISO22241 industry standard, and every batch is independently tested prior to release.

If you have any AdBlue® queries or you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, give us a call on 01778 591225 or email [email protected]

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