Agri-Linc's Grease Gun Guide

A reliable, good quality grease gun is an indispensable companion for farmers, mechanics and engineers alike. So, what are the key benefits?  

Product Longevity & Reduced Costs 

A good grease gun ensures vehicles and machinery are well lubricated and maintained, extending machine longevity. Machines with moving parts generate friction, which will wear down and eventually destroy the parts, unless properly lubricated with a greasing system. This is why investing in a grease gun can save you replacement part costs, all helping to keep operating costs low.  

Waste Prevention 

The use of a grease gun enables us to regulate the amount of grease dispensed. This means you can precisely apply an adequate amount of grease, without wasting product and causing undue expense.  

Better Application 

The comfort and precision of a grease gun is a far cry from the bothersome process of hand-greasing the awkward nooks and crannies that present themselves in machinery and vehicles. Many greasing systems will also spray the lubricant generally, rather than applying the grease to areas which most require it. By contrast, a grease gun usually has a long, flexible hose or spout with a coupler that makes it easy to apply the grease where it is needed.  

Speed and Precision 

We all know that workshop time is costly, and that’s why a grease gun is needed to dispense lubricant quickly and accurately, as opposed to other application systems.  

Having established that a grease gun is a worthwhile investment, we should mention that these tools have their differences in terms of both functionality and price.  Therefore, we’ve put together this blog to make sure that the gun you’re using suits your exact requirements.  

Types Of Grease Gun 

Lever Grease Gun 

The clues in the name; these guns are operated by a manual lever. In some cases, a lever grease gun could manage 10,000 psi. These grease guns are an inexpensive choice and deliver the most grease per stroke of all the options. Their simple design makes them brilliant for DIY jobs, or applications where precision is not so important. However, this option does require manual operation, which isn’t so fun in cold weather or for cases where a large quantity of grease is necessary.  

Pistol Grip Grease Gun  

Also a relatively inexpensive choice, the pistol grip grease gun is a better choice for accuracy and precision in lubrication, making it ideal for automotive applications. They typically build up less psi (around 5000) and send out less grease per pump. Again, this option calls for manual operation; remember that hand-pumping grease is tough in the cold and tiring in a large volume.  At Agri-Linc we offer pistol-grip grease guns for lube shuttle cartridges as well as regular options, see here

Pneumatic Grease Gun 

Grease guns that use external air pressure are capable of up to 6000 psi and can be calibrated for extra accuracy, as well as being able to deliver a constant supply of grease. This means that users tend to choose pneumatic grease guns with bulk-loading equipment in cases where a large quantity of grease is needed. While some disperse set amounts of grease, some of these guns can be adjusted to suit your needs. This means a pneumatic grease gun is a great choice for precise jobs where a high PSI isn’t necessary.  Without the manual operation, a pneumatic grease gun is definitely easier on the operator, however, this benefit comes with a higher price tag.  

Battery-Powered Grease Gun 

These cordless grease guns are lithium-ion battery-operated, making them powerful, convenient and lightweight. They are also easy to operate, against the manual element of a pistol-grip or lever operated gun.  Typically, these guns give a high PSI (around 8000) as well as having variable flow rates to adjust the amount of grease dispensed per pull. If you service heavy machinery and require precision and accuracy, you should take a look at Agri-Linc’s battery powered grease guns. 

With the different types of grease gun, there’s a few key features to look out for as follows.  

Hose/Nozzle Type 

This is critical to grease delivery, and most grease guns include a nozzle as part of the package.  There are a couple of different styles, including rigid/straight, short nozzles as well as flexible ones. A flexible nozzle is a good choice where accuracy in hard-to reach locations is needed. However, grease guns that require two hands for operation will usually have a straight nozzle for better aim.  

Barrel Size 

Size matters, at least in this case! If you are dispensing a large volume of grease in a short amount of time (perfect for workshops, professional mechanics etc), then you’ll thank yourself for choosing a bigger barrel size. Alternatively, smaller, occasional use will only require a small barrel size.  


Grease guns come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing your grease gun, make sure that it fits comfortably in your hand, with a cushioned grip for example. If your grease gun is for professional use, choose a grease gun that isn’t tiring or uncomfortable to use for a long period of time.  

Hose/Tube Length 

Hose length is really important to make sure the grease gets where it needs to. For accuracy in less accessible areas, choose longer, flexible hose lengths.  


Remember, “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. Look for a product that is accurate, comfortable and smooth for long periods of time. Whilst it may seem more to pay initially, you might thank yourself later with reduced downtime and better workshop efficiency.  


Most grease guns on the market are made of metal, which will withstand a workshop environment and accumulation of pressure. Avoid grease guns that have a lot of plastic components, which will be more prone to wear and breakages.  

How much will a Grease Gun cost? 

This very much depends on what type of grease gun you choose. At £20-£40, you’ll get some good lever-action and pistol-grip options; higher quality examples and reputable brands will sit at around £40.  At around £75, you may get some basic pneumatic options appearing, but we wary of their quality. As we travel up to around £150, better pneumatic and battery-operated options will appear, with the real workhorses and established brands such as Milwaukee coming in at nearer £200.  

If the ball was in our court, here’s what we’d pick! 


Agri-Linc Lever Action Heavy Duty Grease Gun, HA500637 

  • Professional Heavy Duty Lever Action Grease Gun 
  • Capable of Delivering up to 10000 PSI 
  • Takes 400g cartridges (14oz), suitable for agriculture, automotive, commercial, industrial and construction use 
  • Proven High Quality product, tried and tested by our customers over many years 
  • Comes with flexible hose extension and four jaw coupler ensuring precision 
  • Can be bulk filled, 500g bulk loading capacity 
  • A low-cost option that doesn’t compromise on quality 

Buy This Option Now 


Agri-Linc Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun, HA500638 

  • Pistol Grip Professional Heavy Duty Grease Gun, 5000 PSI 
  • Proven High Quality Product, Tried and Tested by our customers over many years 
  • Takes 400g cartridges (14oz), suitable for agriculture, automotive, commercial, industrial and construction use 
  • Comes with flexible hose extension and four jaw coupler ensuring precision 
  • Can be bulk filled, 500g bulk loading capacity 

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Agri-Linc Pistol Grip Lube Shuttle Grease Gun with Rigid Nozzle, HA500727 

  • Made of high-quality zinc plated steel 
  • Ergonomic hang grip handles 
  • Working pressure +300 bar/4350 PSI 
  • Fast and clean loading without opening gun 
  • Type and quantity of grease can be identified 
  • Optimum use of all grease in cartridge 
  • Refillable using lube shuttler filler pump and nozzle adaptor 
  • No air bleeding valve necessary 
  • Can change cartridges at any time for different grease without mess/waste 
  • Uses 1/8” BSP Jaws and Hoses 

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Milwaukee 18V Grease Gun Bare Unit, M18, HA501600 


  • Delivers over 562 bar operating pressure 
  • Features REDLINK™ overload protection electronics in tool and battery pack 
  • Fitted with 1219mm high pressure flex hose with spring guard 
  • Superior handle balance and ergonomics 
  • Integrated hose storage, shoulder strap loop and LED fuel gage for convenience 
  • Air bleeder valve, priming mechanism that allows for quick flow 
  • Three-way loading: bulk, cartridge or suction 
  • Dispenses up to 7 cartridges in one charge 
  • Flexible battery system which works with all Milwaukee M18 batteries 
  • You can buy a full kit option of this grease gun, including fast charger and 1 x 5.0 AH Battery here! (link this) 

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Milwaukee 12V Grease Gun Kit, HA501609KIT 

  • Includes 12V Grease gun, 2 x 12V 2.0 AH batteries, M12-18FC fast charger and carry bag 
  • Ideal for heavy duty use, delivers 8150 PSI 
  • Can dispense up to seven cartridges per charge 
  • Grease capacity of 400ml cartridge/473ml bulk 
  • Combines productivity, high pressure and versatility
  • Comfortable and lightweight, with ergonomic handle 
  • Integral hose storage and shoulder strap loop 
  • Uses REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery pack for 2.5x run time, 20% more power and 2x battery life 
  • Flexible battery system works with all Milwaukee M12 batteries 
  • Supplied with flex hose with spring guard and grease coupler 
  • Features REDLINK™ overload protection electronics 
  • Air bleeder valve, priming mechanism for quick flow 
  • Three-way loading: bulk, cartridge or suction 
  • Individual battery cell monitoring optimises run time and ensures durability 

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Groz Grease Gun, Lever Action Lube Shuttle with Rigid Nozzle, HA500726 

  • Durable powder coated finish 
  • Ergonomic handles, two-hand operation 
  • Fast and clean loading without opening gun 
  • Type and quantity of grease can be identified
  • Optimum use of all grease 
  • Refillable using lube shuttle filler pump and nozzle adaptor
  • No air bleeding valve necessary 
  • Delivers up to 6000 PSI 
  • Can change cartridges at any time for different grease without mess/waste.  
  • Push on 4 jaw hydraulic coupler 

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Thanks for reading, we really hope we’ve helped you narrow down your grease gun options.  If you’ve still got questions, our sales team would be happy to advise you on which option is the best for you. Reach out to them today on 01778 591225.  

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